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4 мин.
microsoft buys game maker activision blizzard for about $70b

Microsoft is paying nearly $70 billion for Activision Blizzard, the maker of Candy Crush and Call of Duty, to boost its competitiveness in mobile gaming and virtual-reality technology. The all-cash $68.7 billion deal will turn Microsoft, maker of the Xbox gaming system, into one of the world’s largest video game companies. It will also help it compete with tech rivals such as Meta, formerly Facebook, in creating immersive virtual worlds for both work and play. If the deal survives scrutiny from U.S. and European regulators in the coming months, it could be one of the biggest tech acquisitions in history. Dell bought data-storage company EMC in 2016 for around $60 billion. Activision has been buffeted for months by allegations of misconduct and unequal pay. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed the issue Tuesday in a…

3 мин.
explainer: microsoft’s activision buy could shake up gaming

Microsoft stunned the gaming industry when it announced this week it would buy game publisher Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, a deal that would immediately make it a larger video-game company than Nintendo. Microsoft, maker of the Xbox gaming system, said the deal would be good for gamers and advance its ambitions for the metaverse — a vision for creating immersive virtual worlds for both work and play. But what does the deal really mean for the millions of people who play video games, either on consoles or their phones? And will it actually happen at a time of increased government scrutiny over giant mergers in the U.S. and elsewhere? SO, IS IT GOOD FOR GAMERS? Some industry watchers think so, especially if Microsoft’s games-for-everybody mission and mountain of cash can rescue Activision from…

4 мин.
tesla inks deal to get key battery component outside china

Tesla is turning to Mozambique for a key component in its electric car batteries in what analysts believe is a first-of-its-kind deal designed to reduce its dependence on China for graphite. Elon Musk’s company signed an agreement last month with Australia’s Syrah Resources, which operates one of the world’s largest graphite mines in the southern African country. It’s a unique partnership between an electric vehicle manufacturer and a producer of the mineral that is critical for lithium-ion batteries. The value of the deal hasn’t been released. Tesla will buy the material from the company’s processing plant in Vidalia, Louisiana, which sources graphite from its mine in Balama, Mozambique. The Austin, Texas-based electric automaker plans to buy up 80% of what the plant produces — 8,000 tons of graphite per year — starting…

7 мин.
ipad vs mac the ultimate devices for work from anywhere

The pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of our lives, not least the way we work. Gone are the days of hour-long commutes and endless meetings; instead, we work from home or hot desk, relying on apps to keep us productive and connected. It can be tough to choose the right device - with both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro offering unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Comparing the two will allow you to find the right machine. WORKING WITH THE iPAD PRO Apple revolutionized the way we think about computers when it launched the iPad Pro back in 2015, and since then, the Cupertino company has been on a mission to create the world’s best tablet. It’s worked; right now, the iPad range holds more than a third of…

3 мин.
gop ohio congressional delegation wants chip law funded

GOP members of the Ohio congressional delegation asked House and Senate leaders to fully fund a law meant to address a global shortage of semiconductor chips used in phones, cars and video games. The request comes as multiple media reports say Santa Clara, California-based Intel Corp. intends to build a massive computer-chip factory near Columbus, the latest semiconductor company to announce expansion plans in the U.S. The letter sent urges top Congressional leaders to fully fund the $52 billion CHIPS for America Act, allowing for stateside investment in semiconductor factories. Not only has the chip shortage disrupted the U.S. economy, it is creating a vulnerability in the country’s defense system since eight of every 10 chips are produced in Asia, the letter said. “These products are vital to U.S. technology deployment and…

9 мин.
majority of us states pursue nuclear power for emission cuts

As climate change pushes states in the U.S. to dramatically cut their use of fossil fuels, many are coming to the conclusion that solar, wind and other renewable power sources might not be enough to keep the lights on. Nuclear power is emerging as an answer to fill the gap as states transition away from coal, oil and natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stave off the worst effects of a warming planet. The renewed interest in nuclear comes as companies, including one started by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, are developing smaller, cheaper reactors that could supplement the power grid in communities across the U.S. Nuclear power comes with its own set of potential problems, especially radioactive waste that can remain dangerous for thousands of years. But supporters say the…