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Australian Muscle Car

Australian Muscle Car

Issue 113

Australian Muscle Car is a fresh, proudly Australian publication dedicated to preserving the legend of the unique ‘Australian made’ Ford vs Holden muscle car heritage. From 1960s classic Bathurst muscle to the super sophisticated Falcon and Commodore performance cars of the new millennium and everything in between.

Nextmedia Pty Ltd
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4 мин.
steve normoyle

It’s been more than 30 years since the famous split between Holden and Peter Brock’s HDT Special Vehicles. It was an episode so strange, so unprecedented, that even today it’s still hard to believe it happened. Hard to believe that Holden would actually go as far as to sever ties with Brock, an eight-times Bathurst winner (the ninth came after the split), a Holden icon and an all-round Aussie legend, loved by so many. And hard to believe that Brock was actually prepared to risk everything for his faith in a crystal/magnet device he called an Energy Polarizer. There was more to it than that. There were factors other than the Polarizer that led to the breakdown of relations between Holden and its former favourite son that ultimately spelled the end.…

1 мин.
australian muscle car

EDITOR Steve Normoyle Email: amceditorial@chevron.com.au GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PRODUCTION Art Director - Chris Currie CONTRIBUTORS Paul Gover, Brett Jurmann, Andrew Moore, Bruce Moxon, Paul Newby, Bruce Newton, Phil Walmsley, Luke West ADVERTISING Advertising Sales Director Justin Hughes- Email: jhughes@chevron.com.au 0499 153 456 Chairman Ray Berghouse - Email: rberghouse@chevron.com.au 0427 416 868 CIRCULATION DIRECTOR: Carole Jones Executive Chairman: David Gardiner Managing Director: Hamish Bayliss…

3 мин.
chrysler pacer returns

First hinted at in May, Chrysler confirmed in October the name was coming back and started taking expressions of interest on its website. In November it stoked things up by revealing a one-off 300 SRT Pacer tribute presented with the same Wild Yellow colour scheme, black side stripes and red wheels stripes as the 1969 original. As AMC closed for press, Fiat Chrysler Australia confirmed 50 examples of the 300 SRT Pacer will be made available at $69,950 plus on-road costs. Each of the 50 units will be come with a numbered build plate under the bonnet. But while the black and red stripes survive from the tribute car, the Wild Yellow colour scheme won’t be offered. Instead, the three paint options you can choose from are Bright While, Gloss Black and Ceramic…

2 мин.
corvette roll-out

Chevrolet is stoking the fires of interest in the new mid-engined C8 Corvette Stingray, regularly announcing new models and leaking tempting tid-bits of information to the US press. Racing fans have been excited by the reveal of the C8.R racer that will compete in US sportscar racing in 2020, starting with the Daytona 24 Hour next January. Meanwhile, the convertible version of the new Corvette has also been revealed and there’s been some juicy info reported about the high-performance ZR1 version. And through all this we can tell you the timeline continues to be a late 2020 or early 2021 arrival for both coupe and convertible in Australia. Fascinatingly, the C8.R opts for a 5.5-litre V8 engine with a flat-plane crank and multiple camshafts. That’s a contrast to the various models of the road…

1 мин.
auction update

SOLD Who? Shannons Sydney Spring Classic Auction What? 1978 Ford Falcon XC GS Rally Pack When: 18 November, 2019 How much? $36,000 SOLD Who? Shannons Sydney Spring Classic Auction What? 1970 Ford Falcon XW GT When: 18 November, 2019 How much? $89,000 SOLD Who? Shannons Sydney Spring Classic Auction What? 1971 XY Ford Falcon 500 When? 18 November, 2019 How much? $32,000 SOLD Who? Shannons Sydney Spring Classic Auction What? 1972 VH Chrysler Charger 770 When? 18 November, 2019 How much? $71,000…

3 мин.
super sema

The wild and crazy time that is the Specialty Equipment and Market Association – SEMA to you and me – annual show has been run and done and left us with our jaws on the ground. As it usually does. Essentially, SEMA is a trade show – so no punters – where horsepower addicts go to show off their latest greatest gear to each other. It caters to the largest of multinationals and the smallest of backyarders. And the shocks and surprises come from all of them. Here are a few of 2019’s highlights: Jack Roush Edition Ford Mustang The legendary US tuner’s own firm paid tribute to him with a Ford Mustang that tops the factory Mustang GT500 for outputs and blows the recently-released Aussie special edition R-Spec pony car into the weeds. Punching out…