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Australian Yoga Journal

Australian Yoga Journal May/June 2019

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Todd Cole todd@yogajournal.com.au ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jessica Humphries jess@yogajournal.com.au ART DIRECTOR Angela Reeves ang@yogajournal.com.au ADVERTISING MANAGER/PUBLISHER Alison Cole 0411 623 425 alisoncole@yogajournal.com.au CONTRIBUTORS Kelly Smith, Melanie Schoor, Jolie Manza, Sue Jennings PRINTER Printed by Webstar Print ACTIVE INTEREST MEDIA CHAIRMAN & CEO Efram Zimbalist III PRESIDENT & COO Andrew W. Clurman EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT & CFO Brian Sellstrom EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS Patricia B. Fox DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL LICENSING…

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MAY Trauma- sensitive mindfulness for yoga teachers Sydney 4-5 May Melbourne 7-8 May Auckland 11-12 May Yoga teachers wanting to expand your skillset this one’s for you. Featuring trauma specialist David Treleaven PhD, participants will learn the theory and skills to make meditation safe and effective for trauma survivors. As so many people are drawn to the practice of yoga and meditation to heal emotional trauma, learning how to work with these students is essential for any modern yoga teacher. www.mtia.org.au/trauma-sensitive-mindfulness JUNE The alchemy of yogic arts with Brad Hay Port Kembla (Illawarra) 14-16 June A long time teacher and student of Rod Stryker, Brad Hay is passionate about teaching the tantric traditions and imparting his students with practical wisdom. In this weekend intensive, yoga teachers and students will explore Ayurveda, yoga and Tantra and understand how…

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YOGA BONES A new study suggests that yoga may not always be a cure-all, especially for those suffering from osteoporosis. While past studies have indicated that yoga could have a preventative effect for ailments like this, recent research in the US shows that people who already have bone injuries may be wise to steer clear of certain yoga practices. Published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal, the study found that some poses could lead to further soft tissue and bone injury in people with osteoporosis. The study looked at 89 individuals (both new and experienced yoga practitioners) who began seeking treatment for pain that they believed had been caused by specific yoga postures. Senior author of the study, Dr Mehrsheed Sinaki, explained that people suffering from osteoporosis should modify postures to accommodate their…

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YOGA TEACHER TRAINING WITH POWER LIVING Are you ready to take the next step in your yoga journey? Then we have the perfect teacher training for you. Power Living is the #1 modern yoga studio in Australia, and trainings have been developed and perfected over the years by experienced yoga educators. Work the training into your own, unique lifestyle by choosing from part-time for three months (including a Bali retreat) or full-time for one month. This is a great opportunity to dive deep into your yoga practice and make lifelong yogi friends. Trainings are held throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane www.powerliving. com.au/200hr-yoga-teacher-training…

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Mia Wijayanti from Stretch Now says the Linen scarf is her pick for Mother’s Day. “Wear as a scarf or wrap, these beautiful linen scarves are soft, breathable and lightweight, working well in all seasons and ideal for keeping drafts at bay in meditation”. $70.00 www.stretchnow.com.au Jacqui Dobrilla, Owner of Bolsters and Things, says a must for any Yoga loving Mum is a yoga bolster, especially when paired with its own matching carry strap. “A Yoga Bolster is such a versatile prop, with the ability to enhance your yoga practice in so many ways, as well as being ideal to use as a comfy and supportive floor cushion. The matching Bolster Carry Strap is our own unique design, making yoga on the go a breeze”. $80.00 bolster | $35.00 bolster carry strap www.bolstersandthings.com.au…

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As students and teachers of yoga, we’re always on the lookout to expand our knowledge and add to our toolkit. This year, Byron Yoga Centre has added some tempting offerings to their annual smorgasbord of events. Next on the calendar is the Remedial Yoga training led by the always charming and vibrant A&P expert Maria Kirsten, which promises to help participants apply a more therapeutic, individualistic approach into their teaching and practice. In addition, BYC is running its first 4-day Trauma-Aware Yoga Training later this year – designed to enable attendees to gain a greater understanding of the physical and emotional impacts of trauma and how use yoga can be used as a tool for recovery. Of course, there’s also the Yin and Restorative trainings that are as relaxing as…