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Australian Yoga Journal October 2019

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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time for change

“CHANGE HAPPENS when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change,” said Tony Robbins. While not a yogi of note, Robbins nonetheless highlights a very real catalyst of change. If you want to change anything, the potential future must be better than the actual present. And as yoga teacher Jennifer Pastiloff reveals in a touching extract from her book about humungous life changes, it requires brutal self-honesty. Turn to page 46 for that gem. Yoga itself is changing. But is it for the better and what does the future hold? We asked renowned yoga teachers—young, old, with varying levels of experience—some of whom are on the cover, and the variety of answers will surprise you. You can find that on page 66. And of course much…

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what’s on

OCTOBER Sound Soak Evening Botany, Sydney 25 October 7pm - 9pm Crystal Sound Bowls, Acupuncture & Restorative Yoga Relax & Restore in total bliss. Join Dara Loughrey and Martine Aharonson (Acupuncture Collective) at Botannix Yoga Studio. Sound soak your cells with the vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Heal the tissues with acupuncture and restore the body with restorative yoga visit https://www.botannixyogastudio.com for more info. Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre’s Wellness Warmup Campaign September – October To gear up for the Wellness Walk and Research Run, the ONJ Centre is inviting yoga studios in Australia and beyond to host a Wellness Warmup class and donate the proceeds of a class (or more) or invite your members to make a donation. All funds raised will support people with cancer! To run your own class, visit www.wellnesswalkresearchrun.com.au/yoga Kundalini Yoga…

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in the now

SAGE IS ALL THE RAGE The secret to memory could be hiding in your backyard or sitting on your kitchen windowsill. It turns out sage is not only good for smudging, yogis! Studies show that sage can significantly improve cognitive performance, along with other positive benefits like reducing inflammation and enhancing relaxation. Mundane meditation as good as a perfect practice New preliminary research is discovering the benefits of a meditation practice – off the mat. The study looked at a group of new meditators over nine weeks who, instead of taking to the mat for meditation, integrated mindfulness into their daily life. The more mindfulness participants brought into everyday activities like brushing their teeth or eating a meal, the more they reported experiencing positive emotions and a feeling of connection to those around…

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mindfulness in melbourne

100% DONATION-BASED STUDIO OPENS A SECOND SPACE IN RICHMOND Jessica Dewar has faced much scepticism on her journey to offering donation-only classes to the yogis of Melbourne. But she’s proved the critics wrong and, due to the success of her first studio in Hawthorn East, has now opened a second space in Richmond. She says, “Many people doubted that we made a donation-based business model work, but the opposite is true. I am so humbled by the support we have received from the community, which has proven that the model does in fact work, and has allowed us to expand.” With a vision to make yoga accessible to all, person by person, studio by studio, Dewar is committed to keeping the donation-based model going. But just because it’s accessible, doesn’t mean…

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MUSIC: Ash Grunwald If you’re into bluesy beats, Ash Grunwald’s new album Mojo will add some inspiration to your asana. A recently converted yogi, the Byron-based blues boy drew influence from classic musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Henrix, B.B King and his modern day heroes Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr. to create an album that’s not only musically groovy, but also reflects his own personal growth and spirituality. During its evolution, Grunwald quit a career-long drinking habit and began to explore life from a more spiritual mindset – infusing these lessons into the music. $20 at www.ashgrunwald.com or find it on Spotify. MOVIE: The Portal Due for cinema release on October, there’s been a lot of buzz around the upcoming documentary, The Portal. Exploring how meditation and mindfulness can…

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consider your footprint

BOOKING INTO A YOGA RETREAT is a wonderful method for self-care and self-development. Ideally taking care of yourself goes hand-in-hand with taking care of our planet. However, jetting off to a remote tropical island resort, managed by expatriates, where most of the food is flown in (and all its bottled water!) to stay in air-conditioned accommodation furnished with imported luxuries and state-of-the-art electronics - might not be the soft carbon footprint of an aware yogi! So when you come to book a retreat it’s admirable to consider the environmental impact and the sustainability of the retreat centre as well as the accommodation, food and program (we know these are important too!). For most of us (depending on where you are when you are reading this – I’m looking at you Perth yogi!),…