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Gardeners’ cruise Clear your diary for next spring – we’ve organised an amazing cruise of UK and northern European gardens. Your highlights include Monet’s garden, Tresco (Isles of Scilly) and Keukenhof. See page 80. How to save water Water is in short supply this summer, so never waste another drop by following Alan’s wise watering tips in his No Fuss video guide at Chance to win! Would you like to see your photos in our 2019 Calendar? To win the chance, enter your photos from National Garden Scheme visits through the year. Find out more on page 25, and enter by 28 August. Facegroup group Share photos of the cosmos and zinnia you’ve grown from the magazine’s 2018 free seeds with our friendly Facebook Gardening Group. Find us on Facebook or via: gw-facebook-group New ways to…

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Stepping out onto the 14th floor of a tower block is the last place you’d expect to feel any connection to nature. But the Vertical Forest – or Bosco Verticale – in Milan, is no ordinary place. Rooted in the urban sprawl north of the city centre, the towers were the star of Gardeners’ World TV this spring, when Arit Anderson went in search of gardens for our changing climate. Inspired by Arit’s visit, we’ve devoted much of this issue to solutions for city gardeners (or anyone with a small space). Read about Arit’s investigations into plants that help us to live more healthily from p64. The very trees bringing life to the Bosco Verticale are themselves facing threats – from pests and diseases travelling rapidly across Europe and now reaching UK…

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we love august for its opulent hot hues

Our gardens this month are much the same – hot reds, samba yellows, pouting pinks and effervescent oranges abound. Annuals are at their glorious peak, dahlias are getting into their stride and the background foliage everywhere has the air of being experienced and worldly. Just like Leos. My birthday, incidentally, is on 30 July. STAR OF THE MONTH Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ This plant is not a shrinking violet – it struts. There is as much chance of your ignoring it as you would have if you found Beyoncé in your bathroom, or Mick Jagger in full preening mode in your kitchen on a Monday morning. It is a fabulously fiery plant that livens up the late summer border with its bold, sword-shaped leaves and those glorious flowers that arc over the surrounding plants like…

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expert's choice abutions

If you’re looking for something with an exotic air but that’s vigorous and easy to grow, then look no further. Abutilons fit the bill perfectly. Abutilons? Yes, you could say that they’re a little like shrubby hollyhocks, but they’re also known as the flowering maple because of the shape of the bold foliage, which makes a fine foil for the shrub’s colourful flowers over a very long season. These are sun lovers, and vigorous too. None are fully hardy everywhere in this country, but most are good in a large conservatory. However, where these half-hardy shrubs really excel is on sunny fences and walls and in large patio pots, where they bring bountiful summer colour. Some, including varieties of the taller and relatively hardy A. vitifolium and A. x suntense, are particularly…

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the full monty

“We are the dreamers and our gardens are the dream half-remembered” Visiting gardens is bad for you. Not only does it encourage too much eating of cake but sets up all kinds of false notions that are ruinous to your garden back home. If it were not for the fact that it also inspires, informs, delights and entertains in a way that few other activities can match – let alone being one of the best sources of cake – then I’d dismiss it utterly. But the harm is real. Add to this a flower show with show gardens and you have pure horticultural poison. I came to this reasonable and balanced view the other day whilst talking to a group of Australians in Dublin, who were touring round the British Isles by…

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Making the most of things You’ve inspired me to recycle and reuse this year. Living in a remote part of Derbyshire, our water is supplied by a spring, which is great for the garden, but not so good for drinking when filled with frogspawn. This year I decided to grow plants in severed two-litre mineral water bottles; the top halves made handy small cloches too. Thanks to local council recycling, I recycled the bottles after using them. I have also reused a metal bird feeding station, which now stands in the perennial border adorned with string supporting my sweet peas. Rosemary Pearce, Derbyshire Hopping glad Your Wildlife month feature on frogs (June issue) caught my attention. After moving house last year, we inherited a pond with goldfish and newts. In the spring, two frogs…