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BBC Gardeners' World September 2019

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Our award-winning app Keep up to date while on the move with our digital edition, made for iPhone and iPad. Get extra content plus videos from Monty and the team, and access to our subscriber-only, online Secret Garden. From £3.49 an issue in iTunes or go to Best Buys for you So you buy only the best kit, we’ve created a dedicated home for product reviews, with expert guides and video – and it’s all free. Go to gardeners Houseplant style This year’s must-have greenery comes in a bottle, as you’ll see from our feature on p80. Watch our video guide to making one, at gardenersworld. com/terrarium Win a deluxe stay For the chance to win an overnight spa break for two, at luxury hotel Barnsley House in the Cotswolds – worth £450 – turn…

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A few weeks ago, on the hottest day of the year (oh boy, was it hot!), the magazine team headed to Longmeadow for a cover shoot with Monty, in celebration of the changing seasons. While shade and iced drinks kept us (and the dogs) cool, the heat seemed to flow straight from the Sahara. It was a reminder that the once predictable progress of our seasons is suffering from more than a few blips, with weather ‘events’ increasing in frequency and scale. And yet… our seasons are at the root of life in the garden, a natural rhythm by which we pace ourselves. There’s already a risk that many have lost this connection, as urban living expands, green spaces contract and gardens are paved over. But as Monty explains (from…

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we love september for dahlias’ full-bosomed blooms

STAR OF THE MONTH Dahlia ‘Totally Tangerine’ Just for a change we have gone a bit off-piste at We Love Towers this month, just to prove how much we care for our discerning readers. We give you not just a stunning portrait of one plant, but a whole cascade of September loveliness. So, as well as one of the most sensational dahlias in the realm we also have agapanthus (the blue number on the edge of the path), the strong foliage of Ricinus communis (the castor oil plant), an arch full of climbers and the soft light from a setting sun. See, ‘We Love’ you more than any other month. Dahlias are the best plants for late season colour – you simply cannot get enough of them at this time of year. Height…

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expert’s choice penstemons

Plants that mingle well with their neighbours are invaluable, not only in today’s smaller gardens but in larger and more sweeping plantings, too. And high on the list of first-class minglers must be penstemons. Their long flowering season is a big help, so from June to September, and often almost into winter, those spikes of colourful blooms just keep coming. The flowering stems stand upright, half their length lined with bold, trumpet-shaped flowers, and they happily merge with their neighbours, giving support, creating interesting associations of colour and form, their pointed, glossy foliage always in harmony. These days, we grow an increasing range of types. Those with larger, flared flowers come in a vast array of colour combinations. Shorter varieties with smaller flowers bring the most brilliant blues and although the few…

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the full monty

It is a wonderful thing that British gardeners are becoming increasingly aware of, and sensitive to, the importance of wildlife in our gardens. Not so long ago, a great swathe of gardeners across the land regarded any creature that was not a family pet, and which dared show up in their garden, as a ‘pest’ that immediately posed the challenge of how best to eliminate it. Vast fortunes have been built upon the belief that your garden only survives at all by virtue of the chemical armoury kindly made available by the nice people from the pharmaceutical industries. However, luckily – or disappointingly according to your tendency – all the nasties that have been assiduously blitzed with a cocktail of chemicals for the past 70 years are still mysteriously with us.…

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wildlife friendly

The Gardeners’ World episode surveying meadow planting was inspiring (BBC Two, 12 July). It seems that we are all waking up to the need to garden by working with the environment rather than against it. I’d love to plan a garden with a full year’s cycle of native and wildlife-benefitting plants. A timeline with an array of options would be of enormous help. This could then be cross-matched with benefitting flora and fauna. James Hainsworth, Cambridgeshire We say: That’s a great suggestion, and in the meantime, here’s a link to some useful info about planting with wildlife in mind – Dear Monty, are you and your ‘expert’ friends being deliberately controversial in your pushing of wildlife gardens (The Full Monty, July issue)? What a lot of nonsense. Will the next-door neighbour enjoy…