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Gardeners are by nature a resourceful lot. We’re botanists, designers, soil scientists and meteorologists all in one – entry level, maybe, versatile definitely. The past two months have seen us becoming even more resourceful – growing and nurturing despite shortages of even the basics and the gates to our garden centres locked. But we’ve pulled together, swapped and shared, delighted in each other’s ingenuity and thrift, and welcomed thousands of new gardeners to our world (a BIG hello to those here for the first time!). There’s much to like in what we’ve become – more generous, nurturing, thoughtful – propelled, we mustn’t forget, by the saddest human stories that have touched every one of us. Will these habits stick? Many of them, I hope – though I can’t wait for garden centres to…

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we love june

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romanceBernard Williams STAR OF THE MONTH Lilium ‘Claude Shride’ This is a Martagon (or Turk’s Cap) lily. In this the era of the baseball cap, I really wish that Turks still wore hats like this – they would make extraordinarily stylish headgear. These lilies are not the same as their big showy relatives – they are subtler and, I think, much more beautiful. They have the ability to turn a slightly shady corner into a seraglio of exotic delights. Look at them here among the glowing green punch of alchemilla and the quilted rodgersia leaves, and you can see that the Martagon lily is so easy to love. Best with a smidgen of shade. Propagate from seed or by separating offset bulbs…

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expert’s choice aquilegias

A friend of mine used to grow more different aquilegias than anyone else I ever knew, in fact he held the Plant Heritage National Collection. The problem was that they’re highly promiscuous. So, in the first ever recorded use of social distancing, in order to keep the seed pure, he grew them all in pots. Then, just before flowering time, he barrowed them individually all over the village, so they were well separated and couldn’t pollinate each other! So you know what will happen if you grow more than one variety: they’ll hybridise and the following year you’ll have all sorts of colours and flower shapes – which can be great! But if you want aquilegias in a specific colour you must grow that colour alone. Even then the bees may…

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grow your free seeds with us #gwsowalong

Our SowAlong brings together gardeners to share their seed-sowing experiences and get expert advice from the magazine team, via social media. On 10 June, we’ll be answering your questions, giving step-by-step advice on how to sow seeds in June and sharing your pictures. This month we’ll be sowing the free Aquilegia ‘Lime Sorbet’ seeds, a plant that’s an early food source for pollinators and useful in trickier parts of the garden as it doesn’t mind growing in partial shade. Also, by leaving some of the flowers to run to seed in your garden, you’ll have aquilegias for years, producing more seedlings every summer. Both pollinators and you will benefit as we are giving away over 215,000 packets of seeds, meaning that you, your family and neighbours can all get involved. Every…

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coming up roses

Neil Miller Hever Castle & Gardens, Kent What’s your favourite rose? ‘Buxom Beauty’ with its large bright pinky mauve blooms and mind-blowing scent. How do you use roses in your garden? The roses at Hever are planted en masse, with more than 4,000 in the Walled Garden – they provide a real wow factor from June until the end of September, and fill the air with their scent. One piece of rose-growing advice? For a beautiful display feed, feed, feed – they get very hungry. I talk to them, too! Austin Lynch Millgate House & Garden, Yorkshire What’s your favourite rose? Rosa helenae – it’s been the centre piece of the garden for 40 years. It’s a giant climber, and has great berries and perfume. How do you use roses in your garden? We use roses to cover…