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BBC Gardeners' World May 2018

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Meet Adam next spring Join presenter Adam Frost next spring, on our exclusive river cruise to the Dutch bulbfields, which departs 7 April 2019. Find out more on page 100. NEW video guide Cordless power tools are fast becoming the choice for many, thanks to their efficiency and ease of use. Watch our video guide to this month’s On Test at Great days out Have fun visiting gardens this year, while saving £££s, with our entry card & guide. Buy a copy for your glovebox and pay just £5.99 per copy. Go to Spotlight on plastic If your issue came in a wrapper, it’s recyclable where collections take plastics marked PP or 5. Find ideas on reducing plastic use at Our promise to you... Every month we bring you the very best of our discoveries –…

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We have two bank holidays in May to enjoy, offering much-needed gardening R&R, but I suspect time will be in short supply for many of us. So, to help out, we’ve plenty of time-savvy tricks in this issue. Choosing plants that won’t let you down is the key to no-fuss gardening. Read on to discover inspiration from Joe, Carol and Alan that’ll keep your borders high on impact but low on maintenance. And our new 30-minute veg plot series (from page 146) has been created by busy mum Alex to prove that fresh, home-grown food can be for everyone. Whatever your gardening goals this summer, there are others out there who’ve found the solutions – and I think visiting gardens is among the best ways to get new ideas. So I hope…

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we love may for showstoppers galore

STAR OF THE MONTH Geum ‘Mrs J. Bradshaw’ Let us continue with that circus analogy for a while with the arrival of those tutued acrobats that stand, perfectly balanced, on the backs of cantering horses. Here, as you gaze upon their delicately ruffled skirts and perfect pins, you would be forgiven for thinking that these slim stems could not support anything, but here is the proof. These are, of course, Geum ‘Mrs J. Bradshaw’, a descendant of a Chilean variety brought here in 1826 that, with assiduous deadheading, will flower all summer. She has a close friend, Geum ‘Lady Stratheden’, with gorgeous soft yellow petals. Both look amazing with Stipa tenuissima. Best in a good fertile soil; if too dry they tend to get mildew. Comes true from seed sown in autumn and…

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expert’s choice geums

For years we only grew two geums: the red (‘Mrs J. Bradshaw’) and the yellow (‘Lady Stratheden’). Combining brilliant colour with a naturally informal style, these tough, long-flowering perennials were valuable ingredients in sunny summer borders. But then varieties in softer colours, including G. rivale ‘Leonard’s Variety’ (antique rose) and ‘Lemon Drops’ (pale yellow) became popular. New geums were bred with new colours – Cumbria’s East of Eden Nursery has introduced more than 60 new varieties – and the Cocktails Series from the US combines large flowers with interesting hues. We’ve also seen improvements on those old red and yellow favourites including ‘Blazing Sunset’ and ‘Sunrise’. All in all, geums are definitely on the up. The fact that they’re hardy and easy to grow is a help, so look out for…

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the full monty

“I have made half-hearted attempts, but the report card says, ‘Must try harder’” I keep a spreadsheet of every article that I have ever written. There are thousands – millions – of words going back over 30 years. Its main purpose is to remind myself what I wrote about when, and looking back to four years ago I see that on these pages I wrote about the increasing use of plastic in our gardens and how disastrous that was. I did this having made a Radio 4 programme for the Shared Planet series, about the effects of plastic on our oceans. Since then, public awareness of this problem has risen greatly, due in no small part to the championing by David Attenborough. But while I raised concerns four years ago, knowing…

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over the fence

Are these floral spectacles a good source of ideas or are they out of touch with real gardeners? these are ‘show’ gardens; their primary purpose is to show off During show season I often find myself in spirited debates. One of the most frequent is that show gardens have no connection with ‘real’ gardeners. Here is an idea: think of show gardens as a Premier League football match. Very few get the chance to play for Man City or Chelsea, and watching these teams won’t make you a better player, but it will inspire you, excite you or, sometimes, frustrate and annoy you. The same with show gardens, they are there so you can see the sublime work of the best designers, the most skilled craftsmen and the finest nurserymen all in…