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BBC Good Food Magazine February 2020

Good Food is the UK's biggest selling food magazine, packed with triple-tested recipes and practical ideas for every meal occasion. From weekday suppers to relaxed weekend lunches, recipes are seasonal and work first time. In every issue: 100+ triple-tested recipes, everyday cooking,weekend ideas, seasonal ingredients, TV chefs, inspirational photographs and practical advice.

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welcome to february

This month, we’ve given the magazine a smart, spend-less spin, showcasing our tempting cover star blondies (p20), lemon drizzle sponge (p26) and toffee banana bread (p28) as well as other budget-friendly bakes that cost less to make than a takeaway coffee (but are no less special for it). If you’re congratulating yourself for achieving an alcohol-free January, Victoria Moore’s advice on buying better wine for fewer £££s is timely, and she gives the clearest explanation I’ve ever read about getting the best booze for your buck (p127). Similarly, Tom Kerridge uses cheaper cuts, such as pork belly and brisket, to create astoundingly good Sunday roasts (p82). Plus, our genius midweek meals – for no more than £3.50 per person – prove that you can rein in costs without sacrificing one iota of…

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NOW WE’RE EATING Chefs and home cooks alike are embracing this age-old, traditional recipe by adding new twists Filling a crisp pastry tart with creamy rice pudding may seem like an unusual idea, but it’s actually a traditional dessert in many countries around the world, and has been for centuries. Italy’s version is made with arborio rice and often laced with vin santo, while in Poland you’ll find a rich version made with cream cheese. We’ve been seeing these tarts pop up on menus and in cookbooks recently, and renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel even featured a particularly delicious version on his summer menu, with buttery pastry and a generous slick of raspberry jam. Our take includes lemon zest (which is a staple feature in a rice pudding tart) as well as…

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carlin peas

What are they? Sometimes known as black peas, grey peas, maple peas or black badgers, carlin peas are small, hard, dark brown peas. They’ve been grown and eaten here since the 1600s and are popular in the north of England, particularly Lancashire, where they’re served as parched peas – cooked down and seasoned with vinegar and salt – on Bonfire Night. What do they taste like? When cooked, carlin peas have a firm texture and thick skin, with a slightly nutty flavour – they’re a little like a cross between chickpeas and puy lentils. How should I cook them? Dried carlin peas need to be soaked (preferably overnight), then cooked in boiling water for around 40 mins until tender. But, like most pulses, you can also buy canned, precooked carlin peas. Once cooked, they can…

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anna s food picks

Donald Russell Scottish smoked salmon with malt whisky (100g), £6.75, donaldrussell.com Preparing a special Valentine’s Day breakfast or looking for a savoury pancake topping? We love this lightly smoked, meaty salmon. Wyke Farms deep fill mature cheddar cheese & onion pies baked by Holland’s Pies (430g), £2.25, Asda A favourite with our magazines editor and his family, these crumbly shortcrust pastry pies are filled with two types of cheese for a creamy, tangy taste. Belazu aged malt vinegar (500ml), £11.95, belazu.com This tastes like a cross between malt and balsamic vinegar. Use in dressings, sauces and ragus, or as an alternative to black vinegar in Asian cooking. Mr Trotter’s Skinny Dips (60g), £1.30, mrtrotters.com These super-crunchy pork scratchings didn’t last long in the kitchen. They even come with a small pot of apple sauce inside for dunking. Dorset…

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lemon yuzu

Yuzu is a yellow citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between a lemon and grapefruit. Used in Japanese cooking, it began trending in the UK around seven years ago when Waitrose & Partners started stocking yuzu juice. Fresh yuzu, however, was much harder to find. Demand for the fruit has since increased, and these days, much of Britain’s yuzu supply is grown in Spain. As a result, the range of yuzuflavoured products has grown, and our latest favourites are these mochi by Little Moons (pictured, right) – rice-based dough filled with yuzu-flavoured gelato (£4.99, pack of 6, Ocado). We also love Gusto Organic Sicilian lemon yuzu (pictured, far right), a drink that tastes like amped-up cloudy lemonade (£2.05, 275ml, Ocado).…

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3 of the best valentine’s day treats

What the Fudge treacle toffee fudge This really does tick all the boxes for great fudge – creamy, crumbly and great value! £3 for 120g, whatthefudgeshop.co.uk Cocoa May brownies No time to make brownies? These seriously squidgy ones are handmade in Suffolk and make a great gift. £13.50 for eight, cocoamay.com PlayIn Choc JustChoc boxes Vegans don’t need to miss out on Valentine’s Day chocolate! We love these silky, dairy-free chocolate pieces embossed with little hearts. Available in milk and dark chocolate. £5.95, playinchoc.com…