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BBC Good Food Magazine March 2020

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Good Food is the UK's biggest selling food magazine, packed with triple-tested recipes and practical ideas for every meal occasion. From weekday suppers to relaxed weekend lunches, recipes are seasonal and work first time. In every issue: 100+ triple-tested recipes, everyday cooking,weekend ideas, seasonal ingredients, TV chefs, inspirational photographs and practical advice.

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welcome to march

Every Friday, we use all the leftover ingredients from recipe development and testing in the Good Food kitchen to make #fridgeraidfriday dishes and ensure nothing is wasted (check out our Instagram for inspiration for your own fridge raids). This month, we launch a new series on sustainability (p105) to explain, explore and encourage eating a greener diet. Do we have all the answers? Sadly not: there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this subject, but we’re committed to reducing our food waste, recycling and reusing packaging. We invite you to join us on our journey to making better choices. We promise to stay up-to-date with current advice and share our learnings with you. We highlight eight principles recommended by The Green Food Project to start. Find out more about eating well and being…

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NOW WE’RE EATING Savoury pain perdu Chefs are adding exciting new toppings to traditionally sweet French toast. Why not try this one for brunch Pain perdu, or French toast, is traditionally a sweet dish, often served with fruit, syrup or cream. Recently, we’ve been seeing savoury versions popping up on restaurant menus and in cookbooks alike. One of London’s newest restaurants, Allegra, offers a Japanese-inspired pain perdu, served with mushrooms, daikon radish, miso and egg yolk. Nadiya Hussain, on the other hand, opts for a comforting ham and cheese take on the trend. We’ve topped our version, right, with confit baby leeks, salty parmesan and a soft poached egg. It’s equally good served for brunch or a special lunch. Pain perdu with confit leeks SERVES 2 PREP 5 mins COOK 35 mins EASY V 80g unsalted butter1 heaped…

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hard seltzers

What is it? The trend for ‘hard seltzers’ started in the US, which is why the name might not mean much to the British audience. A hard seltzer is simply flavoured sparkling water spiked with alcohol. It’s usually made with a fruit-derived alcohol base, or using brewing methods similar to those used in beer production. Here, you may also see it sold as hard, boozy or alcoholic sparkling water. It’s usually fruit-flavoured. Why is it trending? Alcoholic sparkling water drinks were hugely popular in the US last summer, which is thought to be down to the fact that they’re a lighter alcoholic beverage option – hard seltzers are usually fairly low in both calories (usually 100 calories or less per serving) and alcohol (generally 5% or less). Where can I get it? We’ve seen several…

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anna’s food picks

Cheeky Monkey organic peanut butter puffs (60g), £2, Ocado and planetorganic.com These moreish, crispy snacks are perfect for peanut butter lovers. Chilli flavour is also available, if you like spice. Allinson’s time saver yeast (2 x 11g), 50p, ASDA Long proving time can put people off baking bread and buns, but this special yeast cuts that time in half – our bun dough proved in just half an hour. Gail’s Bakery seeded crackers (200g), £3.20, Ocado Super-crisp and studded with seeds and spices such as sesame, cumin and caraway seeds, these buttermilk crackers are great served with cheese or with dips. Pulse original lentil hummus (150g), £2.25, Ocado Made with green lentils instead of chickpeas, this hummus has a thicker texture, contains 30 per cent more protein and has a good hit of lemon. Black Bee Honey, British…

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retired dairy cow charcuterie

Once dairy cows are ‘retired’ (or no longer producing enough milk), they’re sent to the slaughterhouse, where their meat is often used to make low-value processed foods or pet food. But there’s been a rise in producers championing this oft-wasted meat. The cured beef from Tempus Charcuterie is made exclusively from retired dairy cows, and its pork products from retired breeding sows. Founder and winner of MasterChef 2010 Dhruv Baker explains, ‘We have a responsibility to use animals that would otherwise have gone to waste. It minimises our impact on the environment, and, in our opinion, older animals are better. They have more flavour, better fat and incredible texture.’ We agree. Tempus’s cured beef has a silky texture and rich, long-lasting, savoury flavour. tempusfoods.com…

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3 of the best

Rubies in the Rubble ketchup (300g), £3.50, rubiesintherubble. com This tastes like classic ketchup, but is sweetened with ‘rescued’ pears – that would have otherwise gone to waste – instead of traditional sugar (but you’d never know). Spare Snacks scrapples (12g), 60p, sparesnacks.com These super-crispy, fruity snacks are made by air-drying ‘wonky’ apples. A pack counts as one of your five-a-day – great for kids’ lunchboxes. Discarded sweet cascara vermouth (50cl), £17.95, thewhiskey exchange.com This sweet vermouth is made using cascara, or coffee bean husks. They’re a by-product of the coffee-making process and normally discarded, but lend a fruity note here.…