Beat English 09-2021

Beat combines competent hardware and software tests with dedicated reviews as well as reports and interviews from musicians and the music business. We will report on music production with the latest synthesizers and computers, introduce new trends in recording, and always have our finger on the pulse with up-to-date reports. Many well-known specialist report on the widespread music production solutions and experienced editors take care of the most important entertainment and scene topics. This magazine is a platform for musicians and contains a regular demo and MP3 section for readers as well as a download with high-quality sample and music files for creative musicians. Software licenses available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here:

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software highlights

You can‘t get more Moog! Tracktion RetroMod Fat The name Moog stands like no other for the unbridled power, dynamics and diversity of analog synthesizer sounds - not least of all thanks to the legendary Minimoog, as well as the Voyager, Sub 37 and Minitaur. Tracktion RetroMod FAT brings this punchy and multi-faceted sound to your DAW, including crisp basses and assertive leads in addition to pads and much more. The activation code is BEAT2021. Download: | License: win | mac | linux 16 Track DAW with 23 Synths & FX Avid Pro Tools | First In recent versions, Avid‘s DAW has transformed from an exclusive tool for professional studios to a DAW that is as powerful as it is beginner-friendly. In addition to its 23 compressors & EQs, 16 tracks and the unprecedented…

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beat #188: exclusive software 11 gb of valuable plug-ins and samples for download

SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD: 4 GB: Drums, Loops & Vocals für Hip-Hop, House und D&B Our highlight Tracktion RetroMod FAT brings the powerful and multi-faceted sound of modern Moog synthesizers to your DAW, including crisp basses and punchy leads, of course, as well as pads and much more. Also on board is the equally powerful and beginner-friendly DAW Avid‘s Pro Tools | First, which includes 16 tracks, 23 compressors & EQs, and excellent sampling and time-stretching tools. AIR Music‘s Xpand!2 workstation and UVI‘s PlugSound library provide inspiration. „Back to the 80s!“is the motto of the new Starwave soundset for our Zampler//RX, as well as for AKAI‘s MPC series, which provides 90 powerful basses, gripping leads, shimmering keyboard sounds and warm pads with an extra dose of retro feeling. No less inspiring is the 4 GB…

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exklusive to download: the beat-studio

Vember Audio Surge Flexible Hybrid Synth, ideal for animated sound textures. Acon Dynamics BE All-rounder with compressor, expander and gate. Thorn Solo One of the best and most flexible monosynths out there! Zampler//RX REX and SFZ Player with mod-matrix & sequencer Areena Reverb Universal reverb effect with natural sound. 2.1 GB: Starwave for Zampler & Akai MPCs SPECIALIST FOR WACKY FILTER EFFECTS TAL Software TAL-Filter-2 Whether it’s filter sweeps over several bars, autowah or trance gate effects, dubstep wobbles or rhythmic stereo effects: TAL-Filter-2 is the perfect tool for filter, amplitude and pan modulation. Thanks to the diode clipper and the resonance reaching up to self-oscillation, even biting sounds are possible with the multimode filter. Download: | Info: win | mac WONDER WEAPON FOR PUNCH AND POWER e-phonic Xpressor Xpressor combines a saturation stage with three algorithms and high and low pass filters with a dynamics…

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navigator: best of beat # 188

The common thread: Beat issue 09/2021 For many years, Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat has been about creating, about the structured building of ideasand the common thread - in the magazine as well as in the tracks. This navigator shows you the highlights of this issue andallows you to see the big picture. Studio insights: Sunroof The duo Sunroof is releasing its debut electronic album these days - and 40 years after Gareth Jones and Daniel Miller became friends. Danny Turner found out how the legendary producers‘modular jams have finally come to fruition. Page 54 Review: Moog One The “Ultimate Moog Synthesizer“is what the manufacturer themselves call their Moog One, a polyphonic…

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Comprehensive ampand cab solution from United Plugins Attention guitarists! United Plugins offers Electrum, a comprehensive collection of emulated amps and cabinets in one plugin. From 16 types of cabinet simulations, which you can also combine with 21 variations, you get over 300 models. These should be convincing with a natural sound even without impulse responses (IRs). The distortion pedals can be used for Rock or also Metal. For the respective guitar signal, five guitar amplifiers with many gain and distortion stages are available for selection. For the best possible reverberation, 18 algorithms are provided: Hall, Room, Plate, Cathedral, Shimmer, Ethereal. The reverberation can be attenuated and ducked. Another feature is EQ matching, which lets you analyze your own guitar sound to automatically match it to the sound of your guitar heroes.…

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more security thanks to touch id

After the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks, the iMac is the first Apple desktop computer to receive the touch ID security feature, which users can use to log into the iMac with their fingerprint and, for example, approve purchases in the App Store. However, this only applies to the more expensive new iMacs. The entry-level models come with a keyboard without a touch ID button. Here Apple not only saves money in production, but also tempts potential buyers to choose the more expensive model or at least pay for the upgrade to the touch ID keyboard. For all models, you can optionally order a full keyboard with numeric keypad. This also features touch ID. However, Apple continues to do without face ID in all Macs.…