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Beijing Review Vol. 62/No.36

Beijing Review is China's only national newsmagazine in English. It is published every week in Beijing, by the China International Publishing Group (CIPG). Launched in March 1958, Beijing Review reports and comments on the country's social, political, economic and cultural affairs, policy changes and latest developments. It also offers in-depth analysis on major regional and international events, and provides consulting and information services.

Beijing Review
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beijing review

President: Li Yafang Vice President: Luo Xianyong Associate Editors in Chief: Li Jianguo, Ding Zhitao Assistant President: Li Zhenzhou Executive Editor: Yan Wei Associate Executive Editors: Zan Jifang, Liu Yunyun, Ding Ying Production Director: Yao Bin Editorial Administrators: Zeng Wenhui, Shi Bosen Assistant Executive Editor: Li Fangfang Commentator: Lan Xinzhen Opinion/Culture Editor: Ding Ying World Editor: Yu Lintao Nation Editor: Zan Jifang Business Editor: Deng Yaqing Web Editor: Li Nan Editorial Consultants: Rebeca Toledo, Sudeshna Sarkar Staff Reporters: Tang Yuankai, Wang Jun, Pan Xiaoqiao, Yuan Yuan, Wang Hairong, Ji Jing, Lu Yan, Wen Qing, Li Qing, Li Xiaoyang, Ma Miaomiao, Zhang Shasha Visual Director: Pamela Tobey Photo Editor: Wang Xiang Photographer: Wei Yao Art: Li Shigong Design Director: Wang Yajuan Chief Designer: Cui Xiaodong Designer: Zhao Boyu Proofreading: Ma Xin, Hou Beibei Distribution Director: Hu Keqiang Human Resources: Zhang Yajie Marketing/PR Director: Pan Changqing Legal Counsel: Yue Cheng North America Bureau Chief: Yu Shujun Tel/Fax: 1-201-792-0334 E-mail: yushujun@bjreview.com Africa Bureau Chief: Li…

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turning deserts to oases

Miracles are occurring in northwest China where stretches of deserts are turning green with thriving trees and luxurious grass. Decades of efforts have resulted in triumph in the battle against desertification and China has not only achieved the UN sustainable development goal of zero net land degradation by 2030 well ahead of schedule, but also reversed the trend of desertification and sandification. The eco warriors have come up with a series of successful practices to halt desertification, like the farmers’ group in Minqin, a county in Gansu Province, northwest China. Their success in fighting the approach of the desert offers important experience for desertification prevention and treatment. It is also the Chinese wisdom for global ecological management. China has the largest desert area in the world, with the largest number of people…

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rallying against violence

People wave flags during an event organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association to unite families in their call for order and harmony in the Ocean Park, south China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, on August 24. The event took place amid two-month-long protests in Hong Kong. The demonstrations and violent protests have severely impacted Hong Kong’s rule of law, social order and economy, as well as the well-being of the people and Hong Kong’s international image, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said at a press briefing on August 27.…

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Moving Images Visitors at the Tsingtao Film Museum during the 2019 Qingdao International Film and Television Expo held in the coastal city in east China’s Shandong Province from August 26-28. The museum offers audiences an immersive experience of China’s film history using digital technologies. New Pilot FTZs The State Council announced a master plan for six new pilot free trade zones (FTZs) on August 26, in a strategic move to press ahead with reform and opening up. The pilot FTZs will be located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Yunnan and Heilongjiang provinces and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This will bring the total number of the country’s pilot FTZs to 18. The six FTZs will be tasked with differentiated reform experiments, according to the plan. For example, the development of the marine economy is one of the focuses of…

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On the Rise The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said China’s private enterprises have been growing fast in the past seven decades, achieving a prominent role in the economy, official data showed on August 26. The country only had 443,000 private enterprises in 1996, which soared to 14.369 million in 2017 and registered an average annual growth rate of 18 percent, the NBS said in a report. Private enterprises now make up the lion’s share of the country’s companies, accounting for nearly 80 percent in 2017, up from only 16.9 percent in 1996. China was home to about 4.40 million legal entities in 1996, with the number surging to about 22 million in 2017, expanding about 8 percent per year on average. The growth pace accelerated during the 2012-17 period to reach 15.7 percent on…

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RUSSIA Tourists view a tanker aircraft during the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2019 at the Zhukovsky International Airport on August 27 ANGOLA Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni (left) and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame pose for a photo in Luanda on August 21 after signing a memorandum of understanding ceasing hostilities between the two Central African states ITALY Jury President Lucrecia Martel (third right) and other jury members pose for photos on the opening day of the 76th Venice International Film Festival on August 28 UNITED KINGDOM Protesters outside the Houses of Parliament in London on August 28 after Queen Elizabeth II announced she had consented to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament until October 14 INDONESIA President Joko Widodo holds a press conference on the government’s plan to move the capital to Borneo from Jakarta…