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Brides February-March 2018

Enter a gorgeous world of weddings with BRIDES magazine! Each issue, Brides delivers the best wedding ideas, budget advice, and beautiful, flattering dresses, plus, stunning hairstyles, beauty tips, simple how-tos, and sexy honeymoons.

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weddings we adore

Erika & Sheung Tang May 27, 2017 New York “I wore the cheongsam that my mom wore to her wedding,” Erika says. “It meant a lot to have that as part of my day.” Kiley & Erik June 10, 2017 Chicago FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED BY BRIDES, TAG YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM WITH #WEDDINGOFTHEDAY. Hannah & Luke July 9, 2016 Dolores, Colorado Marc (left) & Josef August 12, 2017 Murphys, California CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: SAMM BLAKE OF THE WEDDING ARTISTS CO.; KYLE JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY (2). CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: RYAN RAY PHOTOGRAPHY (2); NICHOLS PHOTOGRAPHERS (3)…

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so, you said yes? well then, welcome to planning.

In the months ahead, you’ll have plenty of tasks to tackle— like honing your guest list (see page 191 for our zero-drama guide), booking a location (for favorites by region, flip to page 204), and cake tasting. (Wait, is that a task or a treat?) It’s a lot to think about at once, and my advice is to identify your priorities. That’s what our cover girl, Serena Williams, and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, did for their recent wedding in New Orleans (page 218). As Serena told us, “Alexis loves the vibe of that city and was excited about doing it there. And painting and art are things I’m passionate about, so it felt natural to do it at a contemporary-art museum.” So pinpoint your passion, then focus your energy (and,…

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behind the scenes

We love a fun, over-the-top wedding, which is why we jumped at the chance to have a front-row seat at Serena Williams’s blowout event. Never mind that it was happening after most of our deadlines and we had to produce our cover and story in about eight hours. It made us feel like we were working at a newspaper, not a bimonthly magazine. But for a bride like Serena, it was worth it! GETTING PERSONAL We wanted our new design to look like a scrapbook—filled with textures, colors, illustrations, and handwriting. So we enlisted our colleague and resident superstar letterer Tanya DeSelm (@sidesundays on Instagram) to give our pages tons of personality. Doubles champ Serena looked so stunning— like a caped superhero—we published two covers! During her reception, she wore a Versace lace gown and…

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budget like a pro

Q: I want unique table decor. How do I get that without blowing my budget on flowers and rentals? —@alice_griffin1 via Instagram A: For flowers, go with more greenery than blooms. I like smilax and privet [1], which can be attached to railings and walls or used to decorate an altar or mantel. For rentals, I always say chairs are like shoes: They make or break the outfit. So splurge on chairs and use cheaper neutral linens. In photos, the texture and quality of the fabric don’t really matter, but the look of the chairs totally does. I like a black ghost chair [2] for a modern wedding, gold fanfare [3] for a formal or classic vibe, and wishbone [4] for a more casual soirée. Finally, if you rent less expensive glasses…

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whoa, baby!

Jared and I were engaged for over a year before the details of our September wedding finally started to come together. He cared about Moscow mules and finding a bow tie for our pug to wear while trotting down the aisle. I focused on farmers’ market bouquets and coordinating songs for our first dance. Then one morning at work, I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly realized I had missed my period. I ran to the closest drugstore, bought a two-pack of pregnancy tests, and nervously peed on the little stick. Positive. At first, those little blue lines did not compute. What about the dress I’d just had fitted? What about the champagne toast we planned? Why now? Of course, it shouldn’t have been a shock: I’d gone off the…

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bridesmaids’ dresses in every color