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Brides April-May 2018

Enter a gorgeous world of weddings with BRIDES magazine! Each issue, Brides delivers the best wedding ideas, budget advice, and beautiful, flattering dresses, plus, stunning hairstyles, beauty tips, simple how-tos, and sexy honeymoons.

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Your dress should express who you are— showing your heritage (like Neha Patel, above center, shot by @heather_liddell), or a hint of your favorite color, or just your unconventional bent (exhibit A: the jumpsuit). DM us a picture of your dress @brides on Instagram.…

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weddings we adore

“My bridesmaids all wore different black dresses. I wanted them to express their personal styles— and have something they truly would wear again!” Claire says.“We eloped! It was just the two of us—and our dog, Mazzy Star, of course,” says Shelly (far right). WANT A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED BY BRIDES? TAG YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM WITH #WEDDINGOFTHEDAY.…

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your dress is your biggest fashion moment yet.

Remember when the prom seemed like high stakes? Get ready for the next six months of your life. This, our annual dress issue, is filled with the best bridal looks for right now. If, while you’re shopping, you find yourself having a hard time deciding on the One, you’re in very good company. Each of the brides in our real weddings (starting on page 196) made unique fashion choices—and they all ended up committing to more than one dress on the big day! Cover girl Kate Upton chose a classic, dreamy Valentino for the ceremony (page 196) but changed into a slinky, sexy number for dancing and the after-party. Designer and DJ Harley Viera-Newton had a full rotation of looks for two days’ worth of events (page 214), including a…

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budget like a pro

Q: Is a specific style of dress typically more expensive, or is it the details that drive up the price? —Rebekah Leigh via Facebook A: Details definitely drive up the price, especially lace or beading. Heavier silk fabric can too, but a polyester or tulle [1] dress often costs less. (With tulle, there’s less labor involved because it’s cut, not hemmed.) You can complement a simpler, less expensive dress with a bouquet that cascades [2] or has a bit more color. Family heirlooms are fabulous for your budget—and really special. I’ve seen brides wear their grandmothers’ pearls [3] or jeweled bags [4] or fur jackets on cold days. I also love nude shoes with a peep toe or straps [5]; they’re practical because you’ll wear them more than once. Get them…

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all access

BRIDAL FASHION FALL IN LOVE WITH JOANNA AUGUST Love Story by Joanna August launches in stores April 2018, featuring mix and match silhouettes, colors and prints. Available in solid crepe and floral print chiffon fabrications: Rose Print Blue and Rose Print Black, as featured above. Starting at a retail price of $245. JOANNAAUGUST.COM EVENTS WEDDING WORTHY: GIRLS' NIGHT OUT In October 2017, BRIDES hosted a Wedding Worthy Girls' Night Out event in New York City—inviting brides-to-be and their bridal parties to spend the evening sipping on cocktails and enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres at La Sirena. These gal pals spent the evening under the stars (in a private, glass-enclosed space) admiring the latest bridesmaid looks and gorgeous statement florals while indulging in bridal beauty moments, personal crystal readings, gift bags, and more. BRIDESALLACCESS.COM / @BRIDESPROMOS…

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engaged for a day

I’d always thought there were two kinds of brides: those who take at least a year planning a wedding (maybe after a lifetime of Pinterest boarding), and those who elope (and break their mother’s heart). But then, the best wedding I ever went to came as a surprise to the bride, my best friend JJ—thereby spawning a third, entirely new category of bride: the one who just shows up after her partner has done all the work. JJ had flown from New York to Los Angeles under the pretense of going to a client dinner with her boyfriend, Scott. She didn’t think twice about making the trip; her family lives in L.A., and they’re the kind of close-knit siblings who’ll happily fly six hours just to see each other for one.…