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Brides August-September 2018

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editor’s letter

We all know how important it is for your wedding day to feel like you and your partner. At Brides, the weddings we love most are the ones that give you a glimpse into the couple’s personalities—and royal weddings aren’t exempt from that. Meghan and Harry’s wedding blew us away not because it was so grand, but because it reflected who they really are. We talk all the time about “making it personal,” and it was refreshing to see that even the British monarchy prioritizes heartfelt details. Their ceremony was paradigm-shifting in that it actually felt like a real couple’s wedding—not an event mired in fusty tradition—because it was authentic to them. We saw their personalities and modern approach in so many of the elements, from Harry’s beard, to the…

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royal recap

ICYMI, we really love weddings around here. But an nth-level event like Meghan and Harry’s blows our minds, makes our hearts explode, and absolutely smokes our website: Brides.com had 47 royal-wedding posts that weekend alone, and more than 29,000 overall! Meghan has been a trendsetter since before she even met Harry, so obviously her wedding will inspire tons of imitation. To re-create her look—from dress to diamonds, flowers to freckles—turn to page 24. And if you want to copy the camera angle on this photo, well, just cue the drone. Get Meghan’s look even if you’re not marrying a prince or wearing crown jewels. Understatement is kind of the duchess’s thing, and both the Givenchy for the ceremony and the Stella McCartney for the party were chic, sleek, and unadorned. If you want…

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royal recap

YOUNG AND ELDER The page boy twins were 7, the cellist was 19, and the elderflower syrup that sweetened the cake was made with blossoms from the 92-year-old Queen’s gardens. VINTAGE BIJOUX During the reception, Meghan wore an emerald-cut cocktail ring made by Asprey for Princess Diana in the ’90s.…

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budget like a pro

Want to know when to splurge and when to save? Ask us all your burning budget questions @brides on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Q: “I want to wear a few different styles over my wedding weekend, but my budget is just not there. Can you help?” —@fantastical_expression via Instagram A: Back in the day, a wedding was just one event, but that no longer really exists, and shopping for all your parties gets really pricey. I hate the idea that brides buy an entire wardrobe and then never wear it again—it just feels so excessive. If you’re spending a bloody fortune on your wedding dress, the rest of the weekend you can wear looks that come out of your closet or vintage finds that aren’t crazy expensive. The first thing to consider…

6 мин.
my three dresses

I’ve always been an eclectic dresser. I got my creativity from my mom. In the 1960s, when all the women in our small Massachusetts town were wearing twinsets, she rocked jumpsuits and kaleidoscopic Pucci prints. She once hosted a summer party in a white lace top and matching bell-bottoms. The outfit was completely transparent—the one conservative touch was the white bikini she wore underneath. After my braces came off in 10th grade, I got totally into fashion too. Thanks to a newly acquired Vogue habit, I understood that all it took to make a plain outfit a fabulous one was a Gucci belt or fantastic shoes or bangles stacked to my elbow. Style meant doing things a little bit differently. That’s why for each of my three weddings (a span…

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all access

RETAIL INITIATIVE BRIDES is excited to share local buzz-worthy events and promotions hosted at some of our favorite retail locations across the country, including upcoming trunk shows, store happenings, and store highlights. Check out our list of local goings-on at bridesallaccess.com to find out what's happening in your community—and check back each month for more. BEAUTY BEAUTY SWAG BOX Are you a bride on a budget? The Beauty Swag box, worth more than $250, features full-size products from your favorite beauty brands for just $49.99.* Plus, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Melanoma Research Alliance. VISIT BEAUTYSWAG.COM TO PURCHASE YOURS TODAY! * Plus shipping and handling. Donations will apply while supplies last from May 15, 2018, at 12:01 P.M. ET, and ends June 15, 2018, at 11:59 P.M. ET. Contents of box may…