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Brides April/May 2019

Enter a gorgeous world of weddings with BRIDES magazine! Each issue, Brides delivers the best wedding ideas, budget advice, and beautiful, flattering dresses, plus, stunning hairstyles, beauty tips, simple how-tos, and sexy honeymoons.

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On pointe: New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns wed Broadway and TV choreographer Joshua Bergasse in North Carolina this past fall. Check out their album at brides.com/SaraMearns. Take the Cake Impress Your Guests With a Treat That’s as Delicious as It Looks Why choose a plain white cake when you can have one that’s personalized to your taste—literally! We tell you how to pair the best flavors and add design details (like mini cacti) to fit your vibe, whether it’s modern, boho, or simply romantic. Get started at brides.com/cakes. PERRY VAILE (2); KOMAN PHOTOGRAPHY…

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weddings we love

“My dress felt timeless,” says Chanelle of her Amsale gown. “But at the same time, it was so clean, modern, and unexpected.” FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED BY BRIDES, TAG YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM WITH #WEDDINGOFTHEDAY. “I envisioned an elegant outdoor wedding that incorporated the natural beauty of Stowe,” says the bride of her flower-filled aesthetic. A HEART STRING WEDDING; SARA LOBLA (2). NORMAN & BLAKE (2); CATHERINE RHODES PHOTOGRAPHY (2)…

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your wedding dress dreams start here

A few weeks ago, a store full of brides and I were lucky enough to join Vera Wang at the new David’s Bridal flagship in New York City. The godmother of the modern wedding dress (see one of her new looks at right) shared her wisdom about what is most important in choosing your bridal look—and that is being true to your own style. Wang has designed for everyone from Grammy winner Alicia Keyes to fashion icon Victoria Beckham, and she has empowered countless other brides to dream big. So take her advice—whether it’s having zero drama when dress shopping or planning a wedding in Cabo or at the Santa Barbara Zoo, as our featured brides did. Choose what makes you happy. We hope you enjoy this issue filled with…

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budget like a pro

Q: What’s the best way to determine if a rental company is a good fit, especially if you can’t check them out in person?” —Heather Falcon via Facebook A: When choosing the right rental company for your needs, ask yourself if the brand’s aesthetic matches your vision. Check their social profiles and browse their website. Do their galleries evoke inspiration for your event? If so, you’ve found a match! Specialty rentals are for those who want to break from the norm, and typically the first step is to browse the inventory and do a wish list or a Pinterest board of what you like. At Archive Rentals, you heart items (Pagoda chandelier [1], anyone?) and save them to an account profile, contacting us when you are ready. We then assign a designer…

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my search for ‘the ones’

I yank my mom from the street as two-wheelers whip past us. My aunt hurries in front, expertly sidestepping potholes and maneuvering between girls eating chaat from street carts. She’s rushing us down a steep staircase into an alleyway on Commercial Street in Bangalore, India, that’s overflowing with seamstresses sitting cross-legged on the floor, painstakingly embroidering jewels onto sari blouses. We need to catch the tailor to give him my measurements for a maroon blouse I’ll need for one of many wedding functions. When we discover he hasn’t returned, my aunt tells me to flip through the bangles—there’s not a moment to waste. She’ll corner him when he arrives, all but demanding he do a rush order so I can have a fitting a day and a half later, before I…

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let the search begin! a look at amazing dresses for every budget aisle

Give yourself some dare-to-dream time right now. No matter where you are in your quest for the dress—just starting out or about to commit—the gorgeous options on the following pages provide lots of inspiration. If Your Price Range Is $500 –$1,000 You’ve got your eye on dresses with simple yet shapely silhouettes, adorned with discreet details, like insets of lace or a flirty tier of ruffes. If Your Price Range Is $1,000 –$3,000 Full-skirted gowns give you yards and yards of gorgeous chiffon, lace, and satin to swirl around in on your wedding day. If Your Price Range Is $3,000 –$5,000 The statement makers: Somewhere between classic and audacious is where these wedding dresses move from traditional to superchic. If Your Price Range Is $5,000–$7,000 Expect exquisite lace and craftsmanship in a gown that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen…