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Brides October-November 2018

Enter a gorgeous world of weddings with BRIDES magazine! Each issue, Brides delivers the best wedding ideas, budget advice, and beautiful, flattering dresses, plus, stunning hairstyles, beauty tips, simple how-tos, and sexy honeymoons.

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At her wedding in South Africa, Amanda Dilima went with a traditional Xhosa head scarf, or doek, that matched the fabric of her custom dress. Tag your favorite totally-you moment with #BridesRealWeddings on IG! Video @ Brides.com Couples Married 0-65 Years Answer: What’s the Best Part About Being Married? Spouses who’ve been together from just five hours up to 65 years share the (occasionally unexpected) perks of coupledom. Watch at brides.com/best-part. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: WEDDINGS BY QAY; CNE; COURTESY OF LOVE MADE VISIBLE & @DNALIVING…

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weddings we adore

“We did a standing ceremony,” says Jennifer, at left, in Halston Heritage. “We wanted everyone to enjoy it with a glass of champagne in hand.” FOR A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED BY BRIDES, TAG YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM WITH #BRIDESREALWEDDINGS. “The only flowers were leis for our guests,” says Gino, at right. “The rest of the floral design was tropical leaves.” FROM TOP: KATIE EDWARDS PHOTO (2); JAMES AUTERY. FROM TOP: ANGIE DIAZ PHOTOGRAPHY (2); WINSOME + WRIGHT (2)…

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in the months leading up to my wedding,

I kept waking in a panic from the same dream: I was walking down the aisle, out of time, and my hair was soaking wet. Every bride I’ve encountered has had some version of a stress dream, though, so if you do too, be assured you are not alone with your anxieties—and everything is going to be okay. For instance, when my wedding day arrived, I had plenty of time—and my hair came out exactly as I had envisioned it. In our Beauty Issue, we aim to help you achieve your ideal, whether it’s finding the best fragrance for your bridal vibe (“Scent + Sensibility” on page 112), getting the brightest smile (in our countdown on page 107), or dance-proofing your makeup (“The Zero-Drama Guide to Bridal Beauty” on page 122).…

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budget like a pro

Want to know when to splurge and when to save? Ask us all your burning budget questions @brides on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Q: What are the best ways to save money on flowers? —Amanda Schmitt via Facebook A: Think about where you really need arrangements. Focus your budget on the reception flowers, then the ceremony, then the cocktail hour—that’s when people are more concerned with their drinks or food, and you can just do simple votives [1]. Try not to have your heart set on a specific flower: So many brides ask for peonies or cherry blossoms, and those can be expensive if your wedding isn’t in spring, when they’re in season. As an alternative to peonies, I recommend garden roses [2] because the shape and palette are similar. To re-create cherry…

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step off the scale

“Are you shedding for the wedding?” a friend asked when I ordered a salad during a recent dinner date. (Shocker, I know.) I must’ve looked confused because she hurriedly explained the concept of dropping a dress size for the big day and scrambled to change the subject. I mean, I’d heard of wedding diets, but I was surprised this was considered OK dinner conversation. What bothered me most: that cutesy phrase. It made a seriously loaded question sound offhand, and it made me wonder just how typical it was to assume that brides were losing weight for their weddings. So as soon as I got home, I googled “shedding for the wedding.” The first result was a Wikipedia page about a reality show that was—to my satisfaction—evidently canceled after a…

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RETAIL BRIDES BUZZ BRIDES is excited to share local buzz-worthy events and promotions hosted at some of our favorite retail locations across the country, including upcoming trunk shows, store happenings, and store highlights. Check out our list of local goings-on at bridesallaccess.com to find out what's happening in your community—and check back each month for more. REGISTRY CRATE AND BARREL THE WEDDING REGISTRY Crate and Barrel's Wedding Registry is packed with thousands of items that are made to see you through a lifetime of breakfasts in bed and Thanksgiving family dinners. From classic white plates to cutting-edge cutlery, we're here to help you find what suits both of you, and our registry experts will be there for you every step of the way. CRATEANDBARREL.COM/WEDDINGREGISTRY EVENTS WEDDING SALON From luxury resorts to photographers, florists, and gowns, tie up your loose…