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Canadian Cycling Magazine

August & Septemeber 2019 / Vol 10 Issue 4

A Canadian magazine committed to providing the best articles on getting more out of your ride. Whether you are a mountain or road rider, you’ll find the bike and gear reviews, training secrets, route suggestions, maintenance tips and nutrition info you need to be a better rider. Find inspiring news on the pro racing scene, photos and features.

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vol. 10, issue 4

Editor Matthew Pioro matthew@cyclingmagazine.ca Senior EditorsDan Dakin, Kevin Mackinnon, Dean Campbell Associate Editor Andre Cheuk Photo Editor Matt Stetson matt.stetson@gripped.com Copy Editor Amy Stupavsky Art Director Warren Wheeler layout@cyclingmagazine.ca [Roseander Main, roseandermain.com] Designer Cristina Bolzon Production Artist Warren Hardy Web Editor Philippe Tremblay philippe@cyclingmagazine.ca MTB Web Editor Terry McKall terry@cyclingmagazine.ca Video Producer Maxine Gravina maxine@gripped.com Podcast Producer Adam Killick Web Developer Sean Rasmussen Digital Operations Dmitry Beniaminov Publisher Sam Cohen sam@gripped.com Editorial Director David Smart dave@gripped.com Advertising & Sales Andre Cheuk andre@gripped.com Account Managers Joel Vosburg joel@gripped.com Daniel Walker dan@gripped.com Lorena Jones lorena@gripped.com Circulation Manager Robyn Milburn robyn@gripped.com SUBSCRIBE Send $20.95 (1 year) or $38.95 (2 years) to Canadian Cycling Magazine, PO Box 819 Station Main, Markham, ON, Canada L3P 8L3 or call: 1.800.567.0444 SUBMIT Manuscripts, photographs and other correspondence are welcome. Please contact Canadian Cycling Magazine for contributors guidelines, or see them on the web at cyclingmagazine.ca. Unsolicited material should be accompanied by return…

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the calendar

AUGUST 1 #crossiscoming has probably been littering your social feeds since early July. We at Canadian Cycling Magazine believe this is the earliest date on which you should use this hashtag. Then, like your white clothing, you should put it away after Labour Day. #unlikelytohappen 9-18 In June, Vaea Verbeeck extended her lead in the Queen of Crankworx competition after races in Innsbruck, Austria. Will she be able to take the title at Crankworx Whistler? The prize is a whopping $20,000. 11 One of Canada’s few point-to-point gran fondos, the Gran Fondo Garneau-Québecor, sets off from Trois-Rivières, Que., to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a ride of 112 km. 24 The Vuelta a España starts with an 18-km team time trial in the coastal town of Torrevieja. While you watch the stage, you should have a bombon. Learn how to make the…

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here’s your road to the world championships

In 2020, you can race in a cycling world championships here in Canada. The UCI Gran Fondo World Series, which is essentially the amateur road world championships, will culminate with the RBC GranFondo Whistler. On Sept. 12, 2020, riders from around the world will head from Vancouver to Whistler, B.C., trying to win the rainbow jerseys in their age categories. You, Canadians, actually have a pretty good home-court advantage for these championships. You see, the UCI Gran Fondo World Series runs roughly from September to September. The 2019 season ends following this year’s world championships in Poznań, Poland, from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1. The next weekend, the GranFondo Whistler will be the first qualifying event for the 2020 championships. Got that? Ride the 2019 GF Whistler to qualify for the…

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kurt swinghammer

Kurt Swinghammer – the award-winning songwriter, producer and visual artist – doesn’t own a car. Living in a Toronto neighbourhood west of downtown, he uses two wheels to get around town. He’s been riding bikes since he could walk. The artist moved to Canada’s largest city in 1984, at a time when there weren’t many other urban cyclists. “Many times – especially at night – you would be the only bike on the road,” Swinghammer recalled. “In the creative arts community, we are often early adopters of things. Using a bicycle to get around then was not the hip thing. It was a necessity. For me, cycling is the most fun way to get around, the healthiest, and the best for the environment. It’s also efficient and cheap. “I find jumping on…

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from outside the laughing group

It was Friday, April 19. I woke up to a heavy, cold rain. It was the first Ontario Cup of the season: Mosport Classic. As I pulled the first espresso shot and huddled by the fire (or at least by the heating grate), I held two contradictory thoughts in my head. Damn, I’m glad I’m not racing on this miserable day. Damn, I’m going to miss racing this year. It wasn’t the first time I’d experienced cognitive dissonance when thinking about bike racing. As anyone who races knows, you are constantly in agony in races, but loving it at the same time. You hate interval training, but love the improvements it brings. You dread the “chill” group ride that inevitably turns into an attack-fest, but keep showing up because this day you will…

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diy ride fuel

When you’re deep into a hard, long ride, you don’t want to suffer an energy crisis. That’s why you want to keep some fuel on hand. Sure, energy bars, gels and their packaged ilk are quick and convenient, but after a while they can lead to palate fatigue. Instead, with a little planning, you can rustle up some killer DIY endurance eats in your own kitchen that are just as portable, but much more satisfying and cheaper. The more out-of-the-package real food you eat, the stronger you’ll become. Set yourself up for success by cramming your jersey pocket full of these easy recipes, which are proof that tasty, nutritious homemade ride fuel is your new secret weapon to the podium. Corn Prosciutto Muffin Bites After you’ve spent a few hours hammering back…