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November-December 2019

Capture is Australia's top selling professional photography magazine. The bi-monthly publication covers all facets of the professional photography industry, in particular equipment, marketing, training, pricing, finance and rights management. Capture's mission is to help professional photographers stay informed and up-to-date, to help them grow their business and develop their careers. Capture also showcases the latest photography and editing products, equipment and techniques from Australia’s best known companies and trend-setters. It reaches the whole photographic community, including editorial, advertising, wedding, photojournalism, events, fashion and portrait photographers, plus assistants and aspiring students

Yaffa Publishing Group PTY LTD
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Incorporating Commercial Photography. Established in 1963 as Industrial & Commercial Photography. Editor Marc Gafen marcgafen@yaffa.com.au Contributors Sam Edmonds Candide McDonald Christopher Quyen (and all featured photographers). ADVERTISING National Sales Manager Jodie Reid Ph: (02) 9213 8261 jodiereid@yaffa.com.au Advertising Production John Viskovich Ph: (02) 9213 8215 johnviskovich@yaffa.com.au Yaffa also publishes Australian Photography australianphotography.com Publisher James Ostinga Marketing Manager Lucy Yaffa Production Director Matthew Gunn Art Director Ana Maria Heraud Studio Manager Lauren Esdaile Contributions Capture welcomes freelance contributions which are of a high standard. All submissions should be sent by email to the editor or accompanied by SAE for return. We assume no responsibility for unsolicited material. ISSN 1037-6992…

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beyond uncharted waters

Welcome to the biggest edition of Capture for the year, The Annual. Without a doubt, my favourite edition, but also one of the most challenging to compile. From almost 1,600 images submitted by student, emerging, and professional photographers from across Australia, and around the globe, the task of putting this issue together requires whittling that impressively large selection down to what you see in the following the pages. I only wish there were more pages to play with. A great deal many more pages! Nevertheless, I hope you’ll find the final selection to be an impressive and inspiring collection. In this very special edition, we also take time to look back on the year that’s been across a number of industries. What’s common across all is that photography as a professional…

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editorial the year in review

Over the last year, the world of editorial photography and photojournalism has seen both some of the industry’s darkest lows and some of its most shining moments. Respectively, one can look at the now-jeopardised career of one of Australia’s most treasured visual reporters as a stark reminder of certain issues facing photography across the board, but also at new ground being made in the fields of press photography and environmental documentary with some of the best visual reporting published in recent times. Shocking the entire Australian photographic community in April of this year, the news that Afghanistan-based photojournalist Andrew Quilty had been disinvited to the World Press Photo award proceedings amidst “misconduct” allegations made history as the first time the sixty-year-old organisation had taken such action against an individual photographer.…

12 мин.
advertising the year in review

Advertising photography has found its groove this year. No longer reliant on the glossy, image-as-hero, magazine advert – as glorious as those were – it has realised that digital advertising is relentlessly ravenous for imagery and is reaping the rewards of providing it. Outdoor advertising has been another source of riches, with digital innovations in billboards fuelling a revival in this media over the last few years. Noah Regan, creative partner at advertising agency DDB Sydney, says that he has commissioned photography across a wide variety of campaigns over the last 12 months. “The images created have been reproduced in every printed and digital platform one could probably ever imagine; from billboards to toilet talkers, from in-store animated screens to web tiles, from store-front windows to digital page takeovers,” he adds.…

9 мин.
wedding & portrait the year in review

Novel approaches, genuinely reconnecting with clients, and rude awakenings are among the many surprises of 2019. We are seeing the wedding and portrait industry expand horizontally – meaning two things. The first is more and more photographers entering the industry, driven in part by the boom in online resources and courses enticing people to become professionals. While a saturated marketplace is nothing new, it is now easier and cheaper than ever before to purchase a mirrorless or DSLR system and promote yourself as a photographer. The second is the booming sub-categories within our industry. From pet portraits to elopement weddings, there seems to be something for everyone to take a shot at. So, what can professionals do to navigate this developing landscape? According to Melbourne-based wedding photographer and three-time AIPP…

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