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Caribbean Living

Caribbean Living Summer 2019

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Caribbean Living takes you beyond the beach, to the heart of the Caribbean and the most exquisite travel destinations. Jump into each issue and discover the best of Caribbean travel.

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letter from the publisher

Hi there, I love how quickly this year is flying by. I’m a bit of a lover of things that go quickly. Getting from winter, to spring and now summer, seemingly faster than years gone by is so much fun for me because I also like change, so there you have it! With the year moving along at such a clip, we figured we would gather some fabulous trip ideas for you. The Bahamas’ Café Martinique on Paradise Island, has a revamped menu in its classic setting and you will want to savor every morsel in this gorgeous venue. Our Gastronomic Gallivants land us in Puerto Rico for some delicious treats as well. Island hop with us through Ava’s Dates Not to Miss and check out our choice for this issue’s Spa…

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AMY SEDEÑO Contributor As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in Dubai, and petting grey whales in Baja, you bet I’ve got stories to tell. AVA ROSALES Features Editor I am the Caribbean. JEFFREY SOBEL Contributor All I need is a book, a bourbon and a boat to a new destination - I’ll be just fine. ANDREW INNERARITY Director of Photography It’s all about triggering emotion via imagery. When I convey the very essence of a situation with a single photograph, then I am complete, because the viewer understands more than the moment, they know the situation. BRIANA LOZANO Contributor My favorite place to travel to is one I have never been to before! New cities, new sights, new food,…

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island dates not to miss

JULY A local experience of global proportions, the sounds and vibe that are Jamaica opens the month with celebrations across the island and around the world for International Reggae Day, July 1 www.ireggaeday.com. While in The Bahamas, Nassau brings the traditional, not-to-miss carnival excitement with trumpets, drums, masks and colorful costumes during Junkanoo Summer Festival, every Saturday night from 4 p.m. – 11 p.m Later in the month, feathers, sequins, beads and scantily clad bodies glisten during Saint Lucia Carnival, July 12 – 16 Explore the beauty that lies beneath the pristine water, or just float above it all – either way, experience the wonderous beauty the sea offers. Join the Lionfish hunters or simply delight in a sumptuous seafood dish created from the fresh catch. More than just a festival, partake in…

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new & noteworthy

The Bahamas Just a sneak peek of things to come. By the time you’ve gathered the family and made your plans, the newest and grandest eco-engineered megaproject would be unveiled in The Bahamas. Studio Hillier is on board with StarPort Resorts, Inc. to design and develop the newest and one of the most environmentally and socially responsible luxurious destinations in the region. There’s ample time to strategize wardrobes and decide on whether to own or just escape to this ambitious endeavor, since groundbreaking is this year and the grand opening is projected 4 to 5-years down the road. The development boasts 588 luxury residences; a five star hotel and spa; a 640 berth full service marina; a yacht club; attractive harbor front commercial area; an ocean beach club; a lighthouse; several…

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summer reading

Openness. In a world and especially a country so rigid, so stressed on definitions and categories, this story reminds us of the importance of being open. We find comfort in clearcut borders and definitions that delineate who one is supposed to be and where they belong, but at our core we’re all just humans temporarily sharing this earth. We can’t separate one another anymore than we can separate our memories. The past is never gone as our traumas and loves all swirl together inside us without walls of segregation. We all come from different places, yet share the same path - so why can’t we just be a little more open to one another? ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’ is structured as a letter from son to mother, but of course…

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the café martinique experience

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT? Not so fast. The revamped menu at this Marina Village restaurant, just off the casino of Atlantis on Paradise Island, has so much in store for you. Open the imposing front doors and step into a swanky dining experience. I took the winding stairs, trying to locate the source of the piano music that filled the air. The decorative wrought iron and glass elevator was tempting but I didn’t want to mute a single note of the jazzy tune that the pianist was playing. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in to the charm of Café Martinique. Once at the top of the stairs, faced with both musician and instrument, enraptured in their journey to paint the room with a tune every bit as…