Classic American February 2021

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25 not out!

This month’s magazine represents quite a landmark for me personally, as it was 25 years ago – or 300 issues – that I first became involved with the title: January 2, 1996 to be precise. Fresh out of university and with an MA in Middle Eastern Politics (that was useful!) my initial role on Classic American was news editor and I was to work on two other motoring titles in the portfolio owned by Myatt Macfarlane, the publishers of Classic American at the time. The other two magazines folded and I was promoted to deputy editor of Classic American, a role I held for almost three years, before becoming editor when Auto Trader bought it in 1999. It’s been an interesting journey; the magazine’s time with Auto Trader meant it benefited…

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desoto is star of barrett-jackson

DeSoto’s premier flagship Adventurer model was introduced in 1956, but the Adventurer was not just adventurous in terms of where it would take you, but also in its design. Penned by the great Virgil Exner, Chrysler Corporation’s head stylist at the time, the Adventurer would go on to highlight American car styling to the extreme. The 1959 model year would be the apex of Exner’s Forward Look design language. It was a rolling sculpture, a daring assortment of swooping lines and big fins. It was perfect for the Fifties and perfect for the jet age and was built for the ‘super-highway’, it was a flagship car for – as Chrysler put it – “kings, potentates and maharajas” and one of these very special vehicles will be going under the hammer…

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first mustang mach-es arrive in europe

The first deliveries of the Mustang Mach-E have arrived in Europe, Norway to be precise, as these picture of still-wrapped Mach-Es rolling across a snow-filled landscape proves. This delivery arrived in Antwerp, Belgium at the beginning of December as part of a large shipment that came from Veracruz, Mexico, a few hours away from where the Mach-E is produced at the Ford Cuautitlán Assembly Plant. It makes a lot of sense for Ford to prioritise Mach-E deliveries in Norway, as the country is currently leading the rest of the world in EV adoption, as all-electric vehicles represented 40% of new car sales in 2019. Compare this figure with the US, where just around 2% of buyers opted for an electric vehicle last year.…

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japanese jimmy

Japanese styling house Mitsuoka has taken a Suzuki Rav4, restyled it as the ‘Buddy’ and come up with something that looks like… well, an Eighties Chevrolet K5 Blazer, complete with big thick chrome bumper, stacked headlamps and chunky tyres with poverty-spec dog dish hub caps. You can forget a V8 – only a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo petrol motor or a 2.5-litre, four-wheel-drive hybrid motor are available. Mitsuoka are probably best known in the UK for their restyled Nissan Micras which were known as the Figaro and were a big grey import hit a decade ago. Don’t expect to see any on sale new here, although their allocation for sales to the US for 2021 sold out within weeks!…

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steeda bullitt – due to be a worldwide hit!

More than 50 years since it was aired, the film Bullitt has now become an all-time favourite of motorheads, starring as it does Steve McQueen and one very iconic Ford – the Mustang Fastback – in probably one of the most famous car chase scenes on the silver screen. Paying homage to such a well-known film star car, the world’s largest aftermarket Ford tuner Steeda has partnered with Chad McQueen, Steve McQueen’s son, to reinterpret the Bullitt Mustang for the modern era, creating the snappily named Steeda Steve McQueen Limited Edition Bullitt Mustang. And now, the first British customer has taken delivery from Steeda’s latest and preferred dealer, Sandicliffe Ford. Produced to celebrate the eponymous film, its star, Steve McQueen, and the iconic Ford Mustang, just 300 Steeda Steve McQueen Limited…

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meet the contributor – mike renaut –

When I became a freelance writer in 2010 following a background in journalism, radio presentation and local TV it was Classic American magazine I was especially keen to write for. My first ever memory involves American cars – an uncle visiting in his circa 1973 LTD Country Squire and me running my tiny hand along the wood side trim. Apparently I was about 10 months old. A neighbour owned two late Sixties Cadillac limousines. They took up four spaces outside her house and her son and I would play with our Hot Wheels cars on the enormous back seat. Years later another neighbour had a gold 1978 Seville and a white 1960 Sedan deVille his wife drove daily. I’d walk the long way home just to see them. A kid at…