Classic American November 2021

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enter the wagon

Welcome to our Station Wagon special – it’s not the first time we’ve done one of these, but they’re perennially popular, as American station wagons are themselves. I’ve been lucky enough to own two, a Seventies right-hand-drive AMC Matador that I co-owned with my colleagues at the time (and which was rotten as a pear!) and a 1976 Buick Estate wagon that served as the magazine’s show vehicle for a couple of seasons. For once, the size of American vehicles made these incredibly practical and in many ways it’s a mystery why they fell so out of fashion that they’ve all but disappeared. Having said that, it would seem that collectors in America are now starting to show interest in them and push up the prices on clean examples. This month sees…

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ulez classic exemption confusion

From October 25, 2021, the existing central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will expand to create a single larger zone up to, but not including, the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). Luckily for the owners of classic American vehicles, if your vehicle is classed as a historic vehicle, then it is exempt from the charge. However, there was much confusion initially as the Vehicle Checker page on the TfL (Transport for London) website was showing initially that historic vehicles weren’t exempt. When Classic American spoke to TFL, they explained that at the final payment stage, historic vehicle owners would discover that in fact they were exempt. We pointed out that this seemed misleading and not very helpful – however, it seems that in the following weeks…

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petrol prices hit eight-year high

You might be saying ‘Ouch!’ next time you visit the petrol pumps as petrol prices hit an eight-year high of £1.35.3/litre. The recent fuel crisis has exacerbated things with some retailers accused of price gouging by inflating prices by 20p a litre to almost £1.60 a litre. Oil prices are predicted to hit $90 a barrel by the end of the year (from a low of $16 a barrel during the height of the pandemic) resulting in even higher petrol costs going into 2022. But what’s caused this sudden spike in prices? Analysts believe that as global economies bounce back from virtual closure during the Covid crisis, demand has soared around the world. Likewise, the massive increase in the price of wholesale gas means oil has become more attractive as an…

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1966 parnelli jones lola t70 mk ii auctioned

A legendary Can-Am race-winning 1966 Lola T70 MK II was recently auctioned by digital auction house Stratas. The T70 was designed for endurance racing with incredible aerodynamics and flowing lines that became a hallmark of the period. This 1966 Lola T70 MK II Spider is a race-ready Can-Am spec racing car with a renowned and detailed history in American motorsports. This Lola was initially owned by John Mecom and piloted by the legendary Parnelli Jones and was originally equipped with a Ford engine. Following its racing career, the car was stored for many years until 2007, when it was taken to the Toluca Lake Historics in Burbank. Upon restoration, the car was successfully campaigned in many historic races, even winning points during the 2018 season in SVRA’s Can-Am category. This very…

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event report

This year’s Beaulieu International Autojumble has left me with mixed feelings. It was undoubtedly great to get out and about again with some sense of normality having returned, but I felt really uncomfortable about the large crowds, the majority of whom didn’t wear masks or keep any social distancing whatsoever. Those famous words uttered by football commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme in the 1966 World Cup Final kept ringing in my ears: “They think it’s all over...” The trouble is, it ain’t, not by a long way. Normally, the public gates open at 10am. However, no doubt in an attempt to reduce queuing at the main entrance, folk were allowed in earlier. A good idea in theory except that they were only allowed into the Automart and auction area and not into the…

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event report

After the success of the all-Packard Convertible Rally at Beechfield Restorations this time last year, Garry and Diana Grigsby, owners of this antique restoration business, kindly invited owners back for a second year. This year’s event was notable for two very special reasons: firstly, it’s 25 years since the very first all-Packard Rally was held at the historic Brooklands Museum in the spring of 1996. And secondly we were graced by David Ross, plus wife Ann, with David being one of the very few direct links with long-term British Packard importers, Leonard Williams Ltd. David worked for Leonard Williams Ltd at the Brentford Works, right next to the Lincoln Depot, and opposite the stunning Firestone Buildings, all these elegant Art Deco structures sadly since demolished in the name of progress!…