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Classic Bike

March 2019

Classic Bike helps and inspires enthusiasts to get more from their passion for classic motorcycles. The magazine shares their fascination with motorcycling’s heroic past while also helping them buy, fix and improve the bikes in their shed. Our main areas of content are: - Inspirational and entertaining reads that celebrate the glory of motorcycling, from riding stories that put the reader in the seat of history’s greatest bikes to incredible racing tales - Restoration stories and instructional features that inspire and help people get their tools out and sort out their old bike - In-depth technical features from the most expert and authoritative writers in motorcycling If you share our passion about classic motorcycles from the last century, you'll enjoy reading Classic Bike.

United Kingdom
Bauer Media Ltd
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triumphs over adversity

gary.pinchin@bauermedia.co.uk 104 Ian Johnston’s ingenuity produced this unique TriBSA of pure beauty The first thing Ian Johnston showed us when we walked into his workshop was the lump of Triumph crankcase he cut off the front of a set of scrap crankcases to shoehorn the motor into an A65 frame. Purists might well be aghast at such butchery – but if you look at Ian’s TriBSA, it looks so perfect, it could have just rolled out of Meriden. Incredibly, a lot of the parts Ian re-engineering to create his masterpiece had been destined for the scrap bin.This issue is a lot about Triumph over adversity. It’s hard to imagine a 12-year-old being allowed to compete head-to-head with adults in any form of motorsport competition these days. But back in…

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Get Classic Bike delivered every month (see p88). The mag is also available as a digital edition to download onto your device on the same day the mag goes on sale. Browse back issues, zoom pictures and blow up text for easier reading. From all good digital newsagents. ■…

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twin-cam flying fifty

Those two-stroke mopeds that Demm churned out in the 1960s and ’70s with names like Dik Dik and Smily might not have been the sexiest things on two wheels, but there was a time when the Milan factory produced some beautifully designed motorcycles.We’re talking about machines like the 1955 Turismo, an overhead-cam 175cc single that was a match for anything made by Ducati or Benelli. The cam was driven by a shaft and bevel gears that ran up the right side of the engine, hidden inside the deep alloy fins of the cylinder. Primary drive was by helical gear, and with almost square dimensions of 60 x 61mm the Formula 3 sports version delivered a respectable 10.5bhp.Even their humble two-strokes put Demm on the map – in November 1956…

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different take on guzzi v8

Take one 1972 Guzzi V7 frame (right). Fit Tatra engine (above). Simple. Well, no actually... Tatra 603’s V8 hung out the back. Communist party members hung out in the front Builder Alfred Schmaus is hoping to get his creation road-legal in the near future With dummy Gold Wing ‘tank cover’ removed, the full complexity of Tatra/ Guzzi mating is revealed It took three years to shoehorn a Tatra V8 into this 1967 Guzzi frame (PHOTOGRAPHY: GARY MARGERUM) German Moto Guzzi enthusiast Alfred Schmaus built this unique V8 special using a 2472cc, 105bhp air-cooled, overhead-valve engine from a Tatra 603 limousine.The engine, which features a lightweight aluminium block, was originally rear-mounted in the Czech-built car, but Schmaus has transplanted it into a much-modified 1967 Guzzi rolling chassis.The hand-built cars…

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high rollers in vegas

1967 Lito X-cam prototype made top price for an off-road bike 1937 Crocker Small Tank Mecum’s sale at the South Point Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas over January 22-26 proved to be one of their biggest yet, with a staggering 1709 lots (including memorabilia) crossing the block during the five-day extravaganza. Bikes from no fewer than 12 one-owner collections boosted the numbers and created a lot of interest – and it was no surprise that two machines from the outstanding MC collection drew the overall top bids. Out of the top 10 prices achieved at the sale, nine were for bikes from the Stockholm-based collection. At the top of the heap was the sensational 1939 Crocker Big Tank we previewed in J uary’s issue of Classic Bike . The…

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home on the sl range at vegas

If only we could pick winners at horse racing as well as auctions. Two machines that we highlighted in the January issue – the ex-Steve McQueen 1938 Triumph Speed Twin and the 1993 Ducati Supermono – proved the top performers at Bonhams’ recent Las Vegas sale.The McQueen bike sold for $175,500 (£133,269) – a record for the model at auction – and the Ducati made $115,000 (£87,327). A 1974 Munch Mammoth, in exceptional condition, maintained the marque’s recent run of good fortune at auction, selling for $112,000 (£85,049) but it was one of the more unusual lots that made one of the biggest impressions of the day in the saleroom. A French lady successfully bid £55,200 (£41,917) for a collection of six 1971 Honda SL models – in 70,…