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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics June 2019

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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3 мин.
time to wheel in the future

I guess we all get to an age where we almost look to our futures in some way or another. Be it saving for a rainy day, buying a house together with a partner, or taking out an insurance policy. Whatever… we need to look ahead; we’re told we have to look ahead. Strange thing to say, in a classic-oriented motorcycle magazine, but it’s this sort of thing that’s been on my mind recently. Now, as well as the amazing ‘back catalogue’ of bikes from the decades, I do enjoy modern two-wheelers, but – by ‘eck – often they can be either very fast, quite tall, hard to manage easily, or a mixture of all these things. Bikes like the Moto Guzzi V7 IIIs tested this month are a view to an…

1 мин.
classic motorcycle mechanics

Publisher: Tim Hartley thartley@mortons.co.uk Publishing director: Dan Savage asavage@mortons.co.uk Designers: Charlotte Fairman, Jake Sidebotham, Michael Baumber Picture Desk: Paul Fincham, Jonathan Schofield Production editor: Mike Cowton Divisional advertising manager: Zoe Thurling zthurling@mortons.co.uk Tel: 01507 529412 Advertising: Robert Bee rbee@mortons.co.uk Tel: 01507 529575 Subscription manager: Paul Deacon Circulation manager: Steven O’Hara Marketing manager: Charlotte Park Commercial director: Nigel Hole…

2 мин.
no admin fees from the classic specialists

When you buy a classic motorcycle – whether it’s a minty fresh white 1980 Yamaha RD250LC or a seen-better-days Honda FireBlade in the timeless red, white and blue livery – choosing the right insurer is vital. The last thing you need when you’re anxiously stripping down your new pride and joy to see what horrendous bodges have been perpetrated against it by previous owners is to discover that your new insurer has tacked on a few little extra fees for‘administration’and ‘document handling’. It’s important to have confidence and trust in your insurer – that they are going to understand the giddy highs and (occasional) bolt-shearing, paintwork-ruining lows of owning a beautiful classic machine from an era when manufacturers and owners did things rather differently. They also need to understand that although you might…

2 мин.
the big yin!

This is legendary comedian Billy Connolly at the Earls Court show in 1980 aboard the fuel-injected Kawasaki Z1000H. Enough from us: have some of his best one-liners to make you smile. A biker goes to the doctor with hearing problems. ‘Can you describe the symptoms to me?’ ‘Yes. Homer is a fat yellow lazy bastard and Marge is a skinny bird with big blue hair!' People who point at their wrist while asking for the time. I know where my watch is pal! Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? Scotland has the only football team in the world that does a lap of disgrace. There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter. Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what…

3 мин.
bagging a basket case!

Trying to value classic bikes is a tricky one. Trying to stick a value on what a basket case is worth would be an easier task you might think. But, if anything it’s even more confusing to place a price on an assortment of remains from a once complete machine or something with no MoT or (sometimes) hope of even starting. No two projects are ever the same, that’s the first thing that’s worth pointing out, which means prices are rarely comparable. Some potential buyers will view an incomplete machine with a very different pair of eyes to another. One might want to lavish it with TLC and new parts, whilst another might just want to asset strip it and sell off anything that’s in demand. The basket case will always…

3 мин.
the latest riding kit, top tools , tyres, retro clothing and more !

RST PRO SERIES X-RAID Editor Bertie once had the original version of these (circa 2010) and loved them. These are an adventure styled, two-piece textile jacket and jeans and he often rode his old Africa Twin in them. These new versions have multiple pockets, CE-approved armour in the back, shoulder, elbows and knees. They not only zip together, but this latest version has braces, too. For the Brexit bikers amongst us, the RST logo can be removed and replaced with the embroidered Union Jack! The internal liner can be removed for summer and they are waterproof. So far, Bert loves them: a bigger test coming at the end of the year. Colours are black, dark grey/black and magnesium/black. Sizes are 40 (S) to 54 (5XL) jacket and 30 (S), 44 5XL…