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Consumer Reports New Cars will help you decide which new car, suv, minivan, or pick up truck is right for you. We buy every vehicle our engineers test and drive them like you would. We also provide exclusive, real world reliability ratings based on subscribers' experiences with more than 740,000 vehicles.

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the cr difference

WHEN YOU’RE BUYING a new car, it can feel like everyone you encounter just wants to sell you something and there’s nobody out there you can trust. CR is here to help! You can rely on our recommendations because we have detailed data that nobody else does. We conduct exclusive annual reliability surveys of our members to find out which problems cost vehicle owners time and money, and which cars are trouble-free. We also ask owners whether they’re satisfied with their vehicle, because the only thing better than a reliable car is a reliable car that owners love, too. In our most recent Annual Auto Surveys, we gathered data on about 329,000 cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and wagons. But that’s not all. Only CR buys its own vehicles to test rather than relying…

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ask our experts

Q. Should I be worried about short circuits or damage if it rains on my EV charger? Not to worry: We charge almost all our electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles outside! The cables and the electric vehicle supply equipment—aka wall charger—are all designed for this. The standardized SAE J1772 connector that attaches to the car is sealed and insulated to protect against water intrusion and shorting. If you are using the portable connector that comes with the car, don’t plug it into a power strip. And make sure the outside outlet you use is properly protected from the elements. If you are charging with 120 volts, you can use a wall outlet. But make sure that any exterior wall outlets conform to building code and have a cover. Q. After I rotated…

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the risk for women in car crashes

WOMEN ARE MORE likely than men to be injured in car crashes for a number of reasons, according to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). There’s a lack of a crash-test dummies that represent an average woman’s body, men tend to drive heavier vehicles, and they’re more likely to cause front-to-rear crashes. But the IIHS, a safety organization backed by the insurance industry, has some good news: Advanced safety features may help reduce injury disparities between men and women, and both of them can benefit from choosing a car that performs better in certain crash tests. One technology in particular, automatic emergency braking (AEB), addresses front-to-rear crashes, an accident in which women are more likely to be injured. Recent studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)…

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helpful safety systems

Technology designed to help vehicles stay in their lanes doesn’t provide the same safety benefit as other advanced safety systems, a new report shows. The finding comes from a 2020 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety analysis of real-world insurance claims data, and the report echoes CR’s earlier survey results. According to the IIHS study, AEB and blind spot warning (BSW) can reduce the frequency of insurance claims due to car crashes. But lane keeping assistance (LKA) systems that can automatically steer vehicles between lane lines don’t appear to offer drivers the same safety advantages. “This report emphasizes the important differences between features that work to protect drivers and features that are fun to have or that add convenience,” says Kelly Funkhouser, head of connected and automated vehicle testing at CR. Despite the benefits, BSW…

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ways women are at higher risk

Real-world crash data shows that women are more likely to be injured in a car crash than men, but safety researchers are just beginning to understand why. And unless crash tests prioritize women better, some of the disparities will continue to be a mystery. LEGS 79.7% HIGHER RISK FOR INJURY THAN MEN (+16.3%) Female drivers are more likely than males to have leg injuries in a crash when the floor of the car deforms or due to crash forces transmitted through the gas or brake pedals. In the rear seat, female passengers are especially vulnerable to injuries when their legs collide with the back of the front seats. ARMS 58.2% HIGHER RISK FOR INJURY THAN MEN (+20.6%) Female drivers are highly vulnerable to arm injuries in a crash due to contact with the steering wheel and/or…

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is an extended warranty worth it?

CAR BUYERS CRAVE reliability: 95 percent of new- and used-car shoppers say it’s a top priority when choosing a car, according to a national survey conducted by Consumer Reports. But for many of them, even knowing which cars are trustworthy isn’t enough. They want protection. Vehicle service contracts, often referred to as extended warranties, are a tempting option for consumers who buy a used car or for those who want to extend the bumper-to-bumper coverage on a new car. No matter the exact type, extended warranties are an investment in peace of mind that limits financial risk for a set period of time. But beware: A survey of CR members conducted in 2013 showed that car owners typically paid more for the coverage than they got back in direct benefits. This isn’t…