Cottages and Bungalows October - November 2020

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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It’s no secret that I love the fall. In the last eight years as editor of Cottages & Bungalows, I’ve waxed poetic about one of my favorite seasons in this very letter each October issue. And for the first time in eight years I’ll be stepping away for a bit to tend to my own nest. I’ve been brewing a little one in my belly all year, and as she’s due in a few short weeks, this may be my last full issue before I turn the reigns over to my trusty companion and joy of a person, Kelly McMaster. So it’s fitting that this issue, which is all about feathering the nest as the colder weather rolls in, is the one with which I start my brief hiatus. It’s the…

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like it, love it

Tour a Timeless Kitchen Choose design ideas that last, inspired by this classic kitchen with clever uses for an accent color. Pie Day! Check out this roundup of pumpkin pie recipes, from classics to twists on tradition. Spooky Season Shop our roundup of frighteningly fun Halloween décor. Haunting Style Check out this perfectly skeletal front porch that’s all decked out for October’s chilling holiday. Thanksgiving Arrangement Need some table inspiration? Peruse this gallery of centerpiece flowers that are easy to arrange at home and will make any gathering feel special. Follow us online on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration daily! WEB Look for this symbol throughout the issue to see what extra content you’ll find online!…

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mood lifter

Here’s a trick: Once the leaves start to turn orange for fall, break out the fairy lights, splurge on a fire pit and invest in turning a cozy corner of your garden into a relaxing getaway from daily life. WARM IT UP Cozy throws and new pillows are the name of the game here. Pile it on—creating a cozy atmosphere is all about texture and softness. Plus there’s strength in numbers. Focus on abundance and even budget linens will feel luxurious. SEASONAL COLOR Burnt orange, fiery red, glowing amber. Embrace the tones of the harvest season for a seating area that comes alive with autumnal hues. It will feel cozier, wamer and more attractive. PLAY UP THE PATTERN Tartan plaid, windowpane check and striped flannel are all signature patterns for fall wardrobes. Draw upon those fashionable…

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the chaise lounge

“Chaise longue” translates literally to “long chair.” And everyone can identify it as a seating option that allows you to kick your legs up in repose. The chaise lounge, popularized in 16th century France, was designed as a piece of furniture specifically for the upper class that allowed them to rest without having to retire away to the bedroom. If you want to beef up your French furniture vocabulary, you should know that a chaise lounge that has two separate pieces (the seat portion and the leg portion) is called a Duchesse brisée or broken duchess. A chaise that has two “arms” on either end and no raised back anywhere in between is called a Récamier and a chaise that has a high headrest area and arm that slopes down to a…

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rose apple tart

If your Thanksgiving dinner is a little smaller this year, it needn’t be any less special. I’m always happy to host a few friends after the main meal for dessert and coffee. Thanksgiving is an exciting time to bring out your treasured holiday pieces. I search through my cupboards and use what I have when it comes time to set the holiday table. My grandmother’s linens, my mother’s silver and my Furnivals Quail transferware dishes, a gift from my mother’s friend Odessa, have pride of place on my table, as they did on my more elaborate family Thanksgiving dinner tables in years past. APPLE TART ROSES Makes 12 Prep time: 30 minutes Bake time: 30 minutes Ingredients: Frozen pie crust dough or 1 portion dough from your favorite pie crust recipe6 honeycrisp apples¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon…

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modern bungalow

Sometimes, the best way to design a home is to study its surroundings. This was the case for this new build in Knoxville, Tennessee, designed by architect Jonathan Miller of Jonathan Miller Architecture and Design. “The inspiration for the house came from sticking with the architectural style of the neighborhood,” he said. “The homeowner wasn’t quite sure what style he wanted, so we selected a style that was most fitting for him and the context around the house.” That style was a modern Craftsman bungalow. The exterior architecture is a mix of classic Craftsman style and modern touches. “The tapered columns on the porch that sit on stone bases, a large front porch with large windows, a continuous ridgeline with a single front dormer, broad overhangs and added architectural detailing are…