Cottages and Bungalows April - May 2021

Create the cottage lifestyle you love in any home with expert tips, inspiring house tours, and fun DIY tips and instructions.

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fresh beginnings

A new season is approaching and, if you’re like me, you’re so ready for it! Winter is necessary; nothing can bloom year-round. But oh, the wonder, color and joy of spring! In this issue we bring you loads of lively homes to inspire you to splash some color into yours (pages 34, 48, 60, 70 and 84). We urge you to dust off your gardening supplies and start planning a cottage garden (page 122) or sans a yard, use your green thumb with a container garden (page 118). And it’s a perfect season to whip up a few yummy fruit desserts (page 104) and give some thought to breathing new life into your front patio or porch (page 20). Obviously we love all things cottage, and we know you do too. It’s…

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like it, love it

Preserving Charm During a Renovation Our Project House 2021 designer, Kara Christensen of Garden Gate Homes, shares how she preserves the charm while renovating homes in Franklin, Tennessee. Coconut Cake? Yes, Please! We searched for the prettiest, tastiest coconut cakes and found 5 you won’t be able to resist. California Cottage Kitchen Update Come peek at a cheery California kitchen, and weigh the pros and cons of an apron sink. Spring Cleaning Basics Spring is on the way, and we have tips for freshening up every zone in your home. Dreaming Up a Vintage Garden Gather inspiration for your yard with this colorful and charming cottage garden. Follow us online on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration daily! WEB Look for this symbol throughout the issue to see what extra content you’ll find online!…

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a grand lady in chicago

As you walk through the streets of Elgin,Illinois, a quaint city north of Chicago, the walls of older homes whisper their stories. This charming, 3000-square-foot, c. 1873 beauty, owned by Krissy Palermo, surely has one of the most colorful of tales to tell. Krissy, along with her two children, moved from California to Chicago in July of 2009; she spent 20 minutes touring the house, made an offer and was under a contract for purchase three days later. The home was bank-owned and had fallen into disrepair over the four years it was empty, even succumbing to drug dealers and shady interactions. The house also had served as a multi-unit dwelling during its 175-year history, and Krissy discovered many secrets, including a big hole running from the roof to the basement…

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the magical power of paint

Hi friends ! Happy spring! I’m so excited to be hanging with you! I don’t know about you, but with the blossoming of spring comes the bug to change things up. Whenever I am craving change in a space, or want to make a bold statement, I always paint something. I love DIYs, especially one done on a budget. And paint can be found in wide variety of price ranges. The power of paint is real, and it’s a definite game changer! For this project, I wanted to bring a whole new feel to our dining space. A little more modern and refined with a moody vibe, but without giving up our cozy cottage ambience. A dark paint color on our built-in hutch was the perfect answer, so I purchased a can of paint and…

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the coffee table

The history of coffee tables is a bit uncertain, but some furniture experts believe they may date as far back as 1868. The original long, 27-inch-high tables made their way throughout Europe, originally designed by E. W. Godwin. Other historians think they came into vogue with the advent of the television, when tables were needed for snacks and drinks while viewing this new form of entertainment. A table in front of the sofa that had a lower profile than the TV quickly became a top priority. Whether coffee tables are used in a more casual environment or a more formal setting, there are many to choose from, and they can be statement pieces that will set the tone for your room. Here are five that caught our eye.…

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the prep ford wife

Finding creativity during a pandemic can be challenging, but for lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer Victoria Ford of the PrepFord Wife, it’s all about a positive attitude and inspiring DIY updates. “I would describe my style as classic with a wink,” says Victoria. “I love timeless, functional design, but there will always be a special moment to make it unique.” Victoria conveys a breezy, fun-loving quality and makes you feel like a special friend tagging along on her adventures. With warm, charming and cheery posts, Victoria engages her loyal 27.5k Instagram followers with feel-good content, like day trips around her hometown in North Carolina with her husband, Marcus, and their giant dogs, Remus and Sirius; design solutions, DIY renovations, travel and seasonal preppy fashion, just to name a few. Victoria is…