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Spring 2020

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

United States
F+W Media, Inc. - Magazines
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creative machine embroidery

EDITORIAL Senior Editor Amanda Carestio Creative Editor Kate Zaynard Online Editor Andrea Lotz Technical Editor Kim Saba ART Art Director Kerry Jackson Embroidery Designs Jessica Ziebarth, Ramona Baird Photography Caleb Young Illustrator Nathan Ziebarth Photo Stylist Emily Smoot MARKETING & ADVERTISING Marketing Manager, eCommerce Whitney Dorband Ad Trafficker Lori Hauser Advertising Manager Nancy Mayhall Advertising Manager Mary-Evelyn Dalton BUSINESS Director of Content Tiffany Warble Group Art Director Emily Simpson Media Sales DIrector Julie MacDonald Sr. Director of Marketing and Operations Kim Greenlee PEAK MEDIA PROPERTIES, LLC Chief Executive Officer Gregory J. Osberg SVP, Group Publisher David Pyle VP, Magazines John Phelan VP, Product and Strategy Josiah Klebaner VP, Finance Jordan Bohrer Newsstand Sales Scott T. Hill Scott.hill@pubworx.com…

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, The Spring issue is a little bit of a challenge for us here at CME. It needs to take us (and you!) from Valentine’s Day all the way through to the warm days that are almost summer. It’s a lot to cover in one issue! For Valentine’s Day décor, check out the cute Hearts on the Wing quilted wall hanging on page 48. I love the pretty, intricate butterfly heart blocks and the coordinating quilting designs for the sashing strips. While the four-heart version featured in the magazine is the perfect miniature project, I can’t help thinking that it wouldn’t be hard to add more blocks to make a larger wall hanging or even a full-sized quilt. I have to admit, I’m tempted… As we move into the warmer months, we’ll…

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tips & tricks

SCRAP SAVVY I fill a large vinyl bag with a variety of fabric scraps and keep the bag close to my machine. Before embroidering the project fabric, I test-stitch a similar fabric scrap to make sure the fabric, design and stabilizer combination is satisfactory. Jeannine, email TOWEL TIME When embroidering on hand towels, I place embroidery designs 2" to 3" below the towel center instead of placing them slightly above the lower edge. This way, I don’t dry my hands over the designs and the designs look nice when the towel is hanging. Joanne, email BUTTON IT UP When I have trouble getting buttons to stay in place during stitching, I dab a touch of fabric glue on the button back and continue stitching. The method is neat, quick and provides accurate placement. Marge, Facebook SCISSOR SAFETY When traveling with…

3 мин.
must haves

1. Claim your homemade garments, bags and other projects with the CME exclusive Maker Label Collection. Some designs include space to embroider your name with a built-in font (or just write it in with a fabric marker if pressed for time); others hold a cute message. Stitch up on cotton and sew them in, or back them with fusible web for fast, sturdy application. ($19.99/collection;interweave.com/sewing) 2. The Wilder Gown is a loose, flowy, tiered dress that can be sewn up and embroidered in a variety of ways. It has raglan sleeves and ties at the neck. It’s easy to sew and is perfect for drapey woven fabrics. The Wilder Gown can be made as a top or dress, long or short sleeved, with one skirt tier or two. Embroider the hem,…

3 мин.
perfect pairings

FLEECE • Match fleece fabric, such as polar fleece, Cuddle or ready-made blankets, with a soft mesh cutaway stabilizer (A). Fleece fabrics are typically stretchy and require a cut-away stabilizer to support the stitches, particularly because the finished projects are washed often. Lightweight cut-away stabilizer has a soft drape that matches the fleece. Choose a stabilizer color that blends closely with the fabric. Hoop the stabilizer and fabric together as one unit. • Select a water-soluble topper to prevent the fabric nap from sticking up through the finished embroidery stitches. Secure the topper in place over the hooped stabilizer and fabric using painter’s tape. • Use a size 80/12 ballpoint embroidery needle. Universal needles have a sharper point that cuts the knit fleece, creating small holes or snags in the fabric. T-SHIRT KNIT • Jersey…

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panel power

Preprinted panels come in an unending variety of sizes and styles, themed for infants, kids, hobbies and artwork of every sort. The potential uses for preprinted panels are just as varied as the designs offered; pre-prints are perfect for placemats, aprons, tote bags, pillows or quilts. Whether you search your personal design library or peruse the offerings from your favorite embroidery designers, you are sure find designs to compliment your chosen panel. Teacups were easy to find for the “A Hatter’s Tea Party” panel at left, as teacup embroidery and appliqués are abundant. Choosing among options may be a little difficult, as many are available to complement the panel. With a decision made, print templates in your embroidery software to audition placement, and then embroider them directly on the panel before quilting. The…