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“50 years this year…is just as much a starting point for further success as a point of arrival” For 50 years Cantina di Custoza has cultivated its vineyards on hillside slopes west of Verona, an area with soil of glacial origins that is unique in the viticultural world. Here there is a perfect symbiosis between Lake Garda, which renders the climate mild and consistently ventilated, and its gentle hills. Custoza... the origins of the name are ancient. Back in the times of Cangrande della Scala’s Verona, when the city was an artistic and cultural magnet, and Dante Alighieri was his welcome guest, in the same city that was to become the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” and “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”, a long defensive wall was constructed to link three…

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notes & queries

Can blending affect taste? Do you get the same result (in terms of taste, complexity, integration etc) in a wine made from a field blend as one produced either by co-fermentation or from blending base wines? Geoff Grady, London W8 Dirceu Vianna Junior MW replies: I recall a blending session at Bordeaux University years ago with the late Denis Dubourdieu, which left no doubt that, when skilfully done, the blending of base wines gives the finished wine another dimension (more than the sum of its parts), including better texture and added complexity – though it is often possible to pick out the characters of an individual variety. Co-fermentation, in simple terms, is the practice of fermenting two or more grape varieties together. In my experience, it results in wines that are better integrated and…

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the decanter guarantee

Our buying guide provides you with trusted, independent, expert recommendations on what to buy, drink and cellar. Each panel tasting is judged by three experienced tasters chosen for their authority in the category of wine being rated. All wines are tasted blind and are pre-poured for judges in flights of eight to 10 wines. Our experts taste and score wines individually but then discuss their scores together at the end of each flight. Any wines on which scores are markedly different are retasted; however, judges are under no obligation to amend their scores. Judges are encouraged to look for typicity in wines, rewarding those that are true to their region. When judging, experts are aware of wine price bands – under £15, £15-£30 and over £30 – with the aim to recognise…

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fine wine price watch

Liv-ex records transactions between its merchant members in the UK, US, Asia and Europe. All prices are in GBP and exclude sales tax. The numbers in red indicate those prices which have changed since last month. Bordeaux prices Rest of the world The Liv-ex 100 Index Index level at end of February 2018 312.16 -0.10% The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index represents the price movement of 100 of the most sought-after fine wines for which there is a strong secondary market and is calculated monthly. The majority of the index consists of Bordeaux wines – a reflection of the overall market – although wines from Burgundy, the Rhône, Champagne and Italy are also included. The index is calculated using Liv-ex Mid Prices and is then weighted to account for original production levels and increasing scarcity as the…

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vernaccia di san gimignano

IT’S A BIT of an oddity in the world of white wines. Whites are usually valued for their acidity and range of aromas, but Vernaccia di San Gimignano has relatively low acidity and is low in aromas. It is also high in tannins and is described by locals as more like a red grape. Yet its savoury, salty elements result in fresh, tangy wines. Italy’s first wine to be awarded DOC status in 1966, Vernaccia di San Gimignano became a DOCG in 1993. It grows in the gently undulating Tuscan hillsides around the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano, famous for its many towers. In the right hands, Vernaccia di San Gimignano (the name of both grape and wine) has great textural richness and a surprising ability to age fantastically well, developing…

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the judges

Andrea Briccarello Briccarello is the UK brand ambassador for Bisol. He previously worked as wine buyer for Galvin restaurants and was buyer and group sommelier at Corrigan’s Mayfair, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, and Lindsay House. In 2009 Briccarello was named Sommelier of the Year by Taste of London, and he was the winner of the Wines of Roussillon Dessert Trophy in 2010. Michael Garner Garner has worked in the wine business for more than 30 years and has specialised in Italian wine for more than 25 years. He is a regular contributor to Decanter, and DWWA Regional co-Chair for Italy. He is author of Amarone and the Fine Wines of Verona and co-author of Barolo: Tar and Roses. Garner lives in rural Devon with his family and two large Briard dogs. Andrew Jefford Jefford…