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Delicate Issue 4

"Welcome to the fine and elegant issue of DELICATE Magazine. This publictation is entirely devoted to women, all about women. In their intimacy, in their greatness, revealing their strength, their harmony and all the beauty that emerges from them. This magazine is an ode made to women."

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adrienn banko

PHOTO ADRIENN BANKOGERGELY BALAZS @adriennbankophotography @balazsgergelyphotography MODEL BRIGITTA BUDAI @budaibrigi HAIR DAVID GELLERTHEGYI @dghairstyle MUA LAURA DERI @derilaura. PHOTO ADRIENN BANKO @adriennbankophotography MODEL DORA MESZAROS @meszarosdora_playmate HAIR DAVID GELLERTHEGYI @dghairstyle MUA LAURA DERI @derilaura. PHOTO ADRIENN BANKO @adriennbankophotography MODEL SHONA RIVER @shonariverofficialHAIR — MUA NATALI RIDEG @natalirideg. PHOTO ADRIENN BANKO @adriennbankophotography MODEL ESZTER OCZELLA @eszteroczella HAIR DAVID GELLERTHEGYI@dghairstyle MUA LAURA DERI @derilaura STYLE CLARA GHERGHEL @claragherghel…

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yan senez

Born in 1979, Yan Senez, as a present for his eighth birthday, gets a small Super 8 film camera. This is how everything starts for him... He discovers that this camera enables him to capture both images and moments onto miles and miles of film, much to his parents’ displeasure. Between motion pictures and still pictures, there is only a fine line, but he doesn’t cross it yet.At that time, indeed, he enters the conservatory, where he studies for over ten years. From this decade-long musical training, he becomes all the more conscientious in his work. Above all, he feels that more important than the crucial moment of shutter release is the idea that a photograph also results from a certain rhythm made of colors and shapes. He feels that a story has to…

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torsten behl

Torsten Behl is a Cologne (Germany) based non-commercial / non-profit people photographer. He prefers a modern, cinematographic style mixed with vintage elements and attaches great importance to lighting and well-balanced post-production. He creates images with his heart and prefers taking photos of sensuality and beauty FACEBOOK @TorstenBehlPhotography INSTAGRAM @torstenbehl SPECIAL THANKS TO Christina for her patience. DELICATE Magazine for making this publication reality. JASMIN for her amazing work. SILVIA at BRACLI Lingerie for her support. Thanks to all friends and followers, we're humbled by your support. MODEL JASMIN Hamburg (Germany) based model. Instagram @jasmin_miumiu /…