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Digital Photography - The Complete Guide

Digital Photography - The Complete Guide

Digital Photography - The Complete Guide
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NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality digital content. The only Digital Photography guide you will ever need. To become a better photographer, you need to know how to work with your camera to get the amazing shots you want to take. With help from our team of photography experts we will help you improve not only your photography, but also your knowledge of your camera itself and your photo editing skills. 100% Independent.

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digital photography the complete guide

Photography is an amazing, creative medium which has made some incredible technological advances in the past few years. You only have to look at photography from just twenty years ago to see how far it has come in such a short time. Who would have thought that the film cameras we took for granted just a short time ago would give way to the complex digital marvels that we enjoy now? Digital technology has given everyone the ability to take and share photos in ways that can boggle the mind. Yet, at it’s heart, the nature of photography has not really changed. All the technical skills required to take good photos are still as essential as they always were. It may be true that cameras today can take good photos…

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photography gear guide

The number of cameras and photographic accessories on the market today is simply staggering and can be extremely off-putting for those who are looking to upgrade their gear. This is particularly true for those who may have had an older camera for some time and are not familiar with the specifications of the current range of cameras. If you are thinking of upgrading your gear simply because you fancy a new camera or you are looking to expand your creative abilities with a more advanced camera, lenses and accessories, then these next few pages are worth a read. We’ve picked out a few items that are of great interest to us. Some may be brand new or not even released yet, some may be currently available items that are still…

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sony rx100 v

The Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 V is the most recent addition to Sony’s Cyber- Shot lineup. Billed as a premium compact camera, it is a 20MP, 1” sensor camera with a 24-70mm f1.8-f/2.8 zoom lens built in. There are a number of large sensor compact cameras on the market, but the Sony pulls off the neat trick of squeezing all its technology into a camera that will easily fit in your pocket. The 1” sensor is a key part of this camera’s appeal as it delivers great image quality that belies the tiny package that is creating it. Sony are touting this particular model as the kind of camera to be used by existing DSLR shooters who are looking for an alternative camera body that can be their go-anywhere DSLR alternative. It…

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canon eos 6d mark ii

The Canon 6D Mark II (announced June 2017) is the replacement for the 6D. It is touted as an entry-level full-frame camera that sits in the range between the full-frame 5D series and the 1D pro level series and the crop-sensor 7D MarkII. The market for the 6D and now the 6D Mark II is a little blurred and people seem to be scratching their heads slightly, wondering who the camera is aimed at. To be honest, the camera is aimed at anyone who is enthusiastic about using it as a creative tool and is at a price point that suits their pocket. You could argue that anyone looking to step up to full-frame photography, enthusiasts, hobbyists and even professionals looking for a second or third backup camera body will be…

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hasselblad x1d

Hasselblad is a Swedish based manufacturer of photographic equipment and image scanners. If you are a keen photographer, you no doubt will know the name and immediately associate them with their classic range of medium format cameras produced since World War II. You may also be aware that their popularity soared after NASA used modified versions of their cameras on the Apollo missions to land on the moon. Many of the iconic images we see of the moon missions were taken with Hasselblads. Their film cameras took a quantum leap when they released the H1, which was a 6cm x 4.5cm format camera which could accept 120 and 220 film and had digital back integration. A digital back is a digital sensor that can be used to replace the traditional…

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sigma 14mm f1.8 dg hsm art

Sigma is the Japanese manufacturer of a multitude of photographic accessories and although they make their own cameras, they are best known for the lenses they produce to fit the cameras produced by other companies. They now boast an impressive range of lenses both prime and zoom. One of the latest to be developed for the Global Vision range of lenses is the 14mm F1.8 DG HSM ultra wide prime. This lens has been designed to reduce chromatic aberrations and colour fringing in order to produce images of amazing clarity, sharpness and reduced distortion. A Super Multi-Layer Coating has been applied to the various lens elements in order to help suppress lens flare and ghosting when shooting in very strong and direct lighting to achieve greater contrast. The maximum aperture of…