Eat Well Issue #34 2021

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Cholado is a Colombian creation that is considered both a drink and a dessert. It’s a cross between a fruit salad, a mocktail and a frozen dessert that is prepared with fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, pineapple, papaya, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, condensed milk and a sweet syrup called “mora” made with Colombian blackberries. You might not be able to make a true Colombian cholado, but you can make a version of this refreshing drink at home. Just cut up your fruit and then crush some ice in a blender. Cover the inside of a glass with condensed milk. Fill the glass with ice to half full then fill the remaining space with chopped fruit. Cover the fruit with condensed milk and then top with shredded coconut, mango slices and vanilla…

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from the editor

It wasn’t that long ago that someone who declared themselves a vegetarian would elicit raised eyebrows. In restaurants vegetarians would be tentatively asked, “Do you eat fish?” by nervous waiters sent to enquire by perplexed chefs who were wondering how they could make potatoes and broccoli look interesting on a plate. We’ve come a long way; in fact, vegetarianism is commonplace and veganism has been identified as a strong Australian food trend for 2020 by Euromonitor International. Indeed, there are so many -isms around today when it comes to food that it is worth considering what they mean. Veganism: Is a style of eating where no products that come from animal origins are consumed. That means no dairy and no eggs but lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and seeds. Vegetarianism: The…

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our chefs

Lisa Guy Lisa Guy is a highly qualified Sydney-based naturopath, author and passionate foodie and founder of Art of Healing ( and Bodhi Organic Tea. Lisa is a believer that good wholesome food is one of the greatest pleasures in life and the foundation of good health. Lisa encourages her clients to get back to eating what Mother Nature intended: good, clean, wholesome food that’s nutrient rich and free from high levels of sugars, harmful fats, artificial additives and pesticides. Lisa’s aim is to change the way people eat, cook and think about food. Lisa sees a wide range of clients in her clinic, ranging from people with severe anxiety, mums with post-natal depression and people with adrenal exhaustion to couples having difficulty conceiving and parents who need help with their little fussy…

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Blackberry season in Australia is from December to April. They grow in a wide range of soils and there are literally hundreds of blackberry variants. If there aren’t blackberries growing wild near you, look for brightly coloured fruit when buying. Be sure not to buy fruit that is soft. To store your blackberries, remove any bruised or mouldy fruit from the punnet and put the good fruit in another container, well spaced, and into the fridge. Only wash just before you eat them and don’t wait too long as the berries only last two to three days. Blackberries tend to be more expensive than other berries because they take longer to pick. The fruit is very delicate and the plant is prickly with dangerous thorns.…

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muscles and joints

“Eating a range of healthy grains and vegetables will provide your body with all the amino acids it needs to maintain muscle.” When it comes to food for your joints and muscles, there are two objectives. The first is to provide good-quality protein to build your muscle, and the second is to eat foods that will decrease inflammation and therefore improve conditions like arthritis. Protein sources Meat has a long-held reputation as being a good source of highly available protein. However, vegetables contain protein too. Not only are vegetables high in protein, but they also contain many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and fibre. Individual plant foods do not contain all of the amino acids needed for your body to make protein, but as long as you eat all the amino acids you need…

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avocado on your burger

Burgers may be delicious, but the problem is that they are usually packed with blood-thickening ingredients that could be bad news for your heart. However, simply adding an avocado to your burger can make a big difference. Research shows that a burger without avocado can lead to a 70 per cent increase in interleukin-6 (an inflammatory protein), whereas the burgers with avocado only resulted in a 40 per cent increase in interleukin-6. Additionally, a burger without avocado can result in up to a 27 per cent reduction in blood flow immediately after eating, while an identical burger with avocado added only reduces blood flow by around 4 per cent. Avocados are a healthy food containing monounsaturated fats, folate, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin A, iron and potassium. Given that they…