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it takes two

Developer Hazelight Publisher EA Format PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series Origin Sweden Release March 26 Having followed the delightfully dark fable that was Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons with the entertaining but uneven prison-break adventure A Way Out, maverick creator Josef Fares returns to more fantastical surroundings with his latest co-op adventure. You and a friend play as May and Cody, who, in the midst of divorce proceedings, are mysteriously transported into the bodies of two dolls made by daughter Rose. To return to human form, they’ll need to fix their relationship, working together to overcome a variety of offbeat challenges. As with A Way Out, because it’s co-op only, a Friend Pass lets you invite a pal who doesn’t own a copy of the game to join…

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game pass

Approaching its fourth year, Xbox Game Pass continues to tighten its grip on the title of Best Deal In Videogames. Provided, of course, that you’re a very particular kind of player: hungry enough to justify the monthly subscription, unfussy enough to accept whatever’s on the buffet. But even if you don’t fit the profile, there are still indirect benefits to the ways Game Pass is rewriting Microsoft’s strategy. For one, it’s finally given the company a means – and a motivation – to catch up with Sony and Nintendo when it comes to getting indie games on its consoles. The financial heft of Microsoft being pointed at smaller developers, including deals that fully cover production costs without demanding platform exclusivity, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, is an appealing prospect. We’ve no…

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Developer Arkane Studios Lyon Publisher Bethesda Softworks Format PC, PS5 Origin France Release May 21 Arkane Studios has spent the past few years establishing itself as one of the most consistent and fascinating triple-A developers around – but in that time, its games haven’t quite managed to find an audience commensurate with the label. Its flagship series, Dishonored, is currently “resting” after the sequel’s sales dip – and that has cleared the floor for its latest, and most convincing, effort at breaking into the mainstream. Deathloop spans many of the themes we cover elsewhere this issue. Arkane has taken its immersive-sim heritage and applied a Roguelike twist to it, courtesy of the game’s time-loop plot – please mark your 2021 bingo card accordingly. In practice, this means playing as Colt, an assassin…

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the shifting landscape of live-service games

Making it big in live-service games is one of the tallest orders in modern publishing, but when the rewards are so great, putting literally billions of dollars in the bank, you can see why everyone wants a slice of the pie. Hit on a formula that resonates and the party need never stop – just ask World Of Warcraft, whose Shadowlands expansion was released in November last year on the 16th anniversary of the core game’s release, or the even crumblier Runescape, now 20 years old – surely longer in the tooth than many of its target players today. For new entrants – and there will be a bunch of those in 2021 – the market is particularly tough to crack because there is no single established route to success to…

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detective games

Most games tap into our inner detective in some way. Who hasn’t pushed against the boundaries of even the most linear game to see what they might discover? Who hasn’t wandered off the obvious critical path to investigate something curious, lured by an intriguing sight or sound, or simply following a whim to uncover a new mystery? The medium is inherently suited to indulging our nosiness, and using it to deliver stories in unique ways: think of how Dark Souls parcels out its lore in fragments that only the dedicated will assemble into a cohesive whole, or the way chipping away at the walls in Hollow Knight yields optional encounters and hidden secrets that reveal more about its enigmatic cast. Games in which you assume the role of detective are often…

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ghostwire: tokyo

Developer Tango Gameworks Publisher Bethesda Format PC, PS5 Origin Japan Release October When the godfather of survival horror says he’s in love with an idea, you know to sit up – or cower behind a pillow. While his bloodied Resi fingerprints are visible all over The Evil Within, Tango founder Shinji Mikami told documentary makers Archipel that for him the appeal of Ghostwire: Tokyo was in stepping back to support an original vision from his younger staff: “It was love at first sight and it didn’t come from me. I just want to bring it out there.” The world in question is Tokyo’s Shibuya, where 99 per cent of the population has vanished. Great news for PS5 stock, less so for the ghostbuster purging angry spirits from the district’s landmarks. Instead of…