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power up

A FEW years ago, I interviewed Marcel Klaassen, executive head of FNB Business, and he shared a personal habit of his that has stuck with me ever since. In a nutshell, Marcel is a big believer that you can’t project outward confidence if you’re trying to fix what’s inside. In other words, the foundation of your success and what you project to the world is self-belief. This has nothing to do with arrogance, but rather confidence in yourself and what you can offer the world. To give himself constant affirmation that he’s doing well, Marcel starts each day with a double fist pump. He says it’s an instant boost to his mood and confidence, and lays the foundation for a great day. He also makes a big deal of personal victories, going…

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high-growth frame works

“I’ve always had one simple mantra: We want our fair share of the market, and as long as you believe our fair share is 100%, then that’s all we want. And then we didn’t stop until we got our fair share.” 1 Success begins and ends with your people In any business, your entire leadership team needs to believe it can go out and do extraordinary things. My goal is always to achieve a rate of growth that’s three times the growth of the market. You can only achieve that with people who buy into the dream that we are going to outgrow the market, who believe that a good performance is three times the rate of growth of the market and who want to go out there and do it. It’s all…

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investing in growth

Since leaving Dimension Data, Brett has focused on investing in businesses. He has made investments through Anuva Investments and personally, and is now collating his investment portfolio under Campan. “Campan is an umbrella I’ve created to give my investments and commercial interests a home,” he says. From an investment perspective, this is what Brett looks for in a business. I believe the next big growth area will come through the fourth industrial revolution. I’m therefore interested in companies that use tech — not manufacturers, but businesses that leverage existing tech to impact their markets. Airbnb and Uber are great examples of businesses using tech to disrupt existing markets. Through technology it’s possible to do things ten times faster and cheaper, and massively impact existing business models. Has the entrepreneur begun to turn their…

5 мин.
how your habits determine your chances of success

“Most of us can clearly understand that good habits are better than bad habits and yet there is still a clear gap between intention-to-act and action.” We live in a time where people are preparing for life on Mars and are actively engaging with robots in the workplace. Yet, when we consider new habits and self-mastery, it doesn’t seem that we have conquered that frontier yet. The self-help book industry alone in 2008 was valued at $11 billion. Even though we have goals or intention-plans to achieve these goals, some studies prove that having an intention to act and actually acting is only correlated by 28% in actual behaviour change. THE INTENTION/ACTING GAP Most of us can clearly understand that good habits are better than bad habits and yet there is still a…

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the 9 obsessions you need to have to become a self-made millionaire

THE ONES who succeed weren’t handed a golden ticket; it wasn’t chance that helped them cultivate their fortune. To reach millionaire status, you must be driven to reach your dreams. You must be obsessed in order to be successful. These are the nine obsessions that give every self-made millionaire an edge in creating success and wealth. 1 They are obsessed with chasing their dreams and goals You won’t become a self-made millionaire by sitting in a cubicle, making other people rich. You succeed by having dreams and goals of your own, and being driven to see them through. Self-made millionaires have ambitions and are willing to take risks to make those happen. They are passionate and relentless in their mission to succeed. But dreams need a framework to become reality. Successful people know they…

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harnessing the power of commitments

I spend a lot of time thinking about commitment. As a coach I am privy to the many commitments people make and the many commitments people break. True commitment is the ultimate determining factor of whether you will be successful or not. All the other positive attributes that we usually assign to great entrepreneurs (such as perseverance, focus, and resilience) stem from commitment. There are a couple of interesting questions for us to ponder when it comes to commitment. Why do we often commit with our words but not with our actions? How can we create more commitment to the things that we care about? What factors enhance or decrease commitment? For now, let’s just start with the basics. I like the analogy of a horse carriage in this instance. Think of your…