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failing forward

ALL ENTREPRENEURS have a love/hate relationship with failure. If you’ve read any business books, biographies or interviews with high-impact entrepreneurs, you’ll be familiar with the idea that failure is not just inevitable, it’s a vital part of the entrepreneurial journey. Most entrepreneurs, like most people, hate failing. Allon Raiz, founder of Raizcorp and host of The Big Small Business Show on Business Day TV, says that there’s a concept in entrepreneurship called re-entry rate. This is the number of times an entrepreneur comes back after failure. In the US, the re-entry rate is 3,6 times. That means an entrepreneur will keep trying on average 3,6 times after failures. In South Africa it’s 1,1 times. Most entrepreneurs in this country fail once and never come back. We try, we fail, and we…

12 мин.
rock on

“I started submitting demos when I was 17, and for seven years I was rejected by all the major labels in South Africa. There’s no such thing as a final ‘no’. Believe in yourself and push forward.” You may know Danny K from his first hit single Hurts So Bad, or multiple chart toppers since then. If you’re a Makro shopper, you’ve probably seen a local range of electronics, Rocka, with a number of products branded with local musicians. Or perhaps you’ve seen the Sweets from Heaven retail packets, or are a fan of the Good Heart healthy snack range. Well, those are all Danny K too. Danny K grew up in an entrepreneurial household. He watched his dad sell floor polish door-to-door, and later build the first LG importer in South…

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lessons learnt

» Everything that I launch and do teaches me something. I know the music business backwards, but I’m still aware that I don’t have a golden pass to a hit song or album. In fact, the longer I’m in this business the tougher it can be. » I do things that make me feel good. I’m a pure creative. I follow what excites me. I won’t do a specific album because I think it’s what the market wants, I’ll do it because there’s something that I want to explore. I believe that’s the only way to live — for yourself. » You need great people around you. I have many roles, so I need exceptional teams executing our strategy and operations. I check in on everything — I have to know what’s…

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make your travel even more rewarding

The British Airways Executive Club is uncomplicated, free to join on ba.com and from the moment you join, you will benefit from exclusive privileges and rewards, such as upgrades, hotel stays and car rentals with British Airways and oneworld® airline partners. Besides collecting Avios, which can be redeemed on flights, you will also collect Tier Points every time you travel, allowing you to progress through the different Tier levels within the Club, which are Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your Tier status will open up a world of opportunities and added benefits, such as fast track check-in, free seat selection and saving your meal preference selection as part of your Executive Club profile for future flights. When travelling within southern Africa or internationally on British Airways, Executive Club members from Silver Tier status…

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will you make the right decision?

“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”— PAULO COELHO MUCH OF WHAT I do in coaching is to help my clients gain clarity around the decisions they make. Every day we must make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. Some of them are big and will have a dramatic impact on our personal and business lives. Others are small and made automatically without us paying much attention to them. No matter how big or small a decision is, it pays to have a clear intention for why you are choosing a specific course of action. After all, our lives are an accumulation of the decisions we make. The small…

9 мин.
the path to success

PLAYERS: Charlotte du Plessis (founder of Woman of Stature and MD), Lynn Hill (WOS director and Inspirational Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach) and Sue Moodley (WOS director and founder of Pluminco Trade). BUSINESS: Woman of Stature LAUNCHED: 2013 VISIT: www.womanofstature.co.za WHEN CHARLOTTE DU PLESSIS founded Woman of Stature (originally named Woman of Substance), it was because she wanted to create a network of women who could support each other and share skills as well as life and business lessons. What started as a side-project soon consumed more and more time, until eventually she made the decision to sell her eventing business and focus on Woman of Stature full-time. Passion, purpose and business combined to not only give Charlotte a clear goal, but one that she could share with others, and that would hopefully live on…