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6 steps to cultivate a success mindset

A WINNING MINDSET is the trait that allows you to persist even when defeat looks like the most probable outcome. People with a winning mindset are much clearer about the process to attain their goals. They are not afraid of failure as long as they believe that they're doing the right thing. That’s the difference between winners and losers. 1 Persist and understand that you must put in the work before you see results The most successful people embody the principle of a winning mindset, because very few people in the world, be it in sports or business, can succeed without having to overcome obstacles. It’s seldom that talent is all one needs to succeed in any endeavour, otherwise most people would be successful. A good way to understand this principle is to…

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lfp group’s offerings

Youth Employment Services Implementation Programme A staggering six million youth aged between 18 and 34 are still unemployed and this is the exact reason why LFP Group is coming to the fore. With the Youth Employment Service (YES) initiative — officially gazetted on 28 August 2018 — aimed at creating one million jobs within the next three years, companies can now earn additional BEE benefits. The LFP Group, in support of the YES programme, recognises the critical role that South Africa’s youth play in shaping the economy and our country. LFP now offers YES programme management implementation to benefit clients and individuals. The offering includes: » Comprehensive assessment of the employer to determine YES eligibility and management of the entire project. » Recruitment of the youth and full registration of recruited youth onto the YES initiative. » Registration…

7 мин.
seth godin

If anyone knows marketing’s future, it’s Seth Godin. The long-time guru of the subject and author of 19 books, including This Is Marketing — preaches a kind of invisible marketing. “The word marketing should mean ‘What do we call it when we make something people want?’” he says. That’ll become increasingly important as 2019 brings more digital noise. His challenge: Be relevant, not loud. How will marketing continue to change in 2019? Attention and trust are the two most valuable elements of our economy going forward, and big companies have a long history of just burning it, wasting it. The alternative is to be the kind of organisation that markets with people instead of at them. What do you mean? The mindset of pop-unders, pop-overs, spam, interruption, demographics, targeting — these are all hunting…

5 мин.
positive cash flow and smart financing solutions

he biggest challenge most T business owners face is cash flow. A lack of cash flow stifles growth and can even lead to business failure. When cash flow is tight, most business owners start looking for debt funding. While debt funding can be an excellent and effective growth tool, if accessed for the wrong reasons, it can actually do more harm than good, creating debt that business owners cannot afford. Linda Frohlich, Executive Director at Sasfin, explains how you can unlock cash flow in your business and when it makes sense to access debt funding. UNDERSTAND YOUR CASH CONVERSION CYCLE A business’s cash conversion cycle is the length of time it takes a business to convert its investment in inventory and other resources into cash flow from sales. “Your cash is tied up in…

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waking up at 5 am isn’t enough to make you a successful entrepreneur

MANY BUSINESS EXPERTS and life-hackers swear by their morning routines. They believe these habits are key to continuous learning and developing the kind of self-discipline it takes to achieve success. That’s a lot to accomplish before the work day begins. And if you have kids to get out the door or a dog that needs walking, your sunrise to-do list is even longer. I don’t know when morning routines became entrepreneurial dogma, but these virtuous, foot-long checklists have spread like wildfire. Habits and routines can be effective, but science tells us there’s often a misplaced emphasis on morning. Research reveals we all have different peak hours. Whether you’re a lark (a naturally early riser), a night owl or some bird in-between, you can enhance your productivity and create habits that serve your…

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the genesis of fedgroup

When Fedbond launched in 1990, its founder, John Field, held a 35% shareholding, and Fedsure the remaining 65%. When Fedsure went under, John had the pre-emptive rights to buy the remaining part of Fedbond, which was the healthy part of the business. Once he held 100% ownership of Fedbond, John took the business, which he had already grown into South Africa’s largest provider of participation bonds, servicing over 10 000 investors, and secured multiple other financial services licenses from the Financial Services Board, including Trust and Life licences, and formed the larger holding company, Fedgroup as a comprehensive FSP offering. Today, Fedgroup’s offering includes pension and provident funds, a life company, trusts, commercial property finance, asset management as well as other investment products.…