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Семья и Воспитание
Family Tree

Family Tree

March - April 2020

Family Tree Magazine will help point the way toward the best research tools and practices to trace your family's history. Each issue includes tips on locating, collecting, and preserving photos, letters, diaries, church and government records, and other documentation, plus fun articles about creating scrapbooks, organizing family reunions, and vacation ideas that combine history with leisure!

United States
Yankee Publishing Inc.
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family tree

Editor Andrew Koch Art Director Lori Pedrick Photo Editor Heather Marcus Digital Editor Courtney Henderson New Media Editor Rachel Fountain Contributing Editors Lisa A. Alzo, Rick Crume, David A. Fryxell, Nancy Hendrickson, Sunny Jane Morton, Maureen A. Taylor VP Production and New Media Paul Belliveau, Jr. Production Director Dave Ziarnowski Production Manager Brian Johnson Senior Production Artists Jenn Freeman, Susan Shute Senior Ad Production Coordinator Janet Selle New Media Designer Amy O’Brien Digital Marketing Specialist Holly Sanderson eCommerce Manager Alan Henning ADVERTISING: Tim Baldwin, (248) 837-9293, timbaldwinmedia@gmail.com President and CEO Jamie Trowbridge VP Finance Sandy Lepple VP Human Resources Jody Bugbee VP Production and New Media Paul Belliveau, Jr. VP Consumer Marketing Brook Holmberg VP Single Copy Sales Sherin Pierce VP Sales JD Hale, Jr.…

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out on a limb

Bright lights. Mobs of screaming fans. The hottest celebrities. No, it’s not Woodstock or Lollapalooza—it’s RootsTech! Alright, so genealogy conferences aren’t quite as rowdy as rock concerts. But family historians are no less passionate than music fans. And genealogy’s “headliners” are just as influential and talented in their own world as rock stars are in theirs. In the Beatles-themed “The Fab Four” (page 18), Sunny Morton compares the records, family trees, DNA tests and other key features of the big four genealogy websites: Ancestry.com FamilySearch, Findmypast and MyHeritage. Their “setlists” might be different, but each site hits its own high notes that make it worthy of an encore. With Sunny’s comparison guide, Rick Crume’s tips on searching digitized censuses at each of the “Fab Four” websites (page 56), and our online search tracker…

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tree talk

Keep track of where you’ve researched.Carla Meier via FacebookHave your closest friends subscribe to different sites, then get together and have genealogy research parties.Wendy Wanoyomus via FacebookIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. What you seek may not have been digitized yet.Beth Hanson via FacebookKEEP AN OPEN MIND to all the information you find on documents, because you might find something that will change the validity of some of it.Mary Tyler via Facebook JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Genealogy how-to downloads, videos and online classes <www.familytreemagazine.com/shop> Free genealogy advice from host Lisa Louise Cooke and expert guests iTunes / <www.familytreemagazine.com/ podcasts> Our members-only online library of genealogy instruction <www.familytreemagazine.com/ product/website-vip> <www.facebook.com/familytreemagazine> @FamilyTreeMag Family Tree Magazine @familytreemag Correction: The New York state research guide in our December 2019 issue (page 33) had the incorrect phone number for the New York…

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“THE INTERNET HAS BEEN a wonderful boon to Irish genealogy, but it increases rather than decreases the need for skepticism…Saying ‘I found it on the internet’ is the equivalent of saying ‘I don’t know where I found it.’ And if you don’t know where you found information, you don’t know what it means.” Genealogist John Grenham <www.johngrenham.com> writes about the importance of sourcing data and records in online research in the fifth edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors (Genealogical Publishing Co.). The book, first published in 1992 and updated in 2019, has become a standard for Irish genealogists, covering the major record groups useful to studying ancestors from the Emerald Isle.…

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spring fever

Family History on Display Spring is in the air, and that means spring-cleaning time. Spruce up your walls with this clever picture frame, featuring clotheslines filled with family photos. A quick online search of clothesline photo display will bring up several affordable options. I hung mine in my laundry room, then topped it off with an upcycled old shelf filled with vintage household memorabilia. I don’t know if I like ironing any more now than I did before, but the display does put a smile on my face every day! Sites to See A gateway to more than 1.4 billion records, the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society <www.americanancestors.org> is a haven for researchers worldwide—and not just for folks with New England roots. The database spans 22 countries and includes the…

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dna health tools expand

A FLURRY OF NEW DNA health tools are now available from major genetic genealogy testing companies, including AncestryDNA (AncestryHealth <www.ancestry.com/dna>), Living DNA (Wellbeing kits <www.livingdna.com/kit/wellbeing-kit>), and MyHeritage (Health+Ancestry kits <www.myheritage.com/health>). These join the tests from 23and-Me <www.23andme.com>, which have long included health information. Also more prominent is the involvement of oversight from healthcare experts. For example, MyHeritage Health includes review by a physician, who may refer customers to a video consultation (at no extra cost) with a genetic counselor, if specific risks warrant it. See page 69 for individual features and pricing.…