FamilyFun August - September 2017

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Every digital issue ( 8 a year) is a wealth of do-able ideas to help you with everything from making a creative sack lunch to planning a birthday party with ease. Look at everything you get ... • Family-favorite recipes that are quick, easy and inexpensive (and win kisses for the cook!) • Fresh ways to turn ordinary activities into extraordinary adventures that kids and grown-ups will enjoy. • Fun, hands-on crafts for Valentine’s Day and homemade goodies for Christmas ... and every special day in between! • Favorite kid-tested, parent-approved vacation ideas ... plus easy ways to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Get all the help and encouragement you need to make every day with your family better than the day before ... say yes to Family Fun now!

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TIME TO DIG IN! AS ANY PARENT of school-age children knows, the first day of class marks the beginning of the real New Year. Everyone gets a fresh start: new teachers, new routines, countless possibilities. Same goes for magazines, and this back-to-school season we’re shaking up our pages with a brand-new section called Dig In! Food and family go together like peanut butter and jelly (more proof: page 25 !), and we’re so excited to be bringing you even more of the delicious, kid-friendly recipes and treats you look for every issue. Our “Double-Duty Dinners” on page 30 will save you serious time on busy weeknights, and you probably won’t have to figure out snack for, like, the whole year. Contributing food editor Joy Howard has dreamed up 30 homemade and…

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finish this thought MY PET’S COOLEST TRICK IS ... Opening the front door! Two of our outdoor cats have devised a plan: One pushes on the handle while the other roots the door open with his nose. Misty OwensGrant, AL My tuxedo cat, Reggie, plays fetch! Jane ScheiberKendallville, IN Working the intercom. Gerri Walsh AlbanoRidley Park, PA Winning a staring contest. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Amy JankenOak Creek, WI Opening the refrigerator. Ana Karina MonsalveZulia, Venezuela Taking ten naps a day ;). Tonya Schowalter-ThomeBel Aire, KS HAVE MORE FAMILYFUN ONLINE! We want to hear from you! Show us your projects and ideas with #howwefun. @familyfunmag @FamilyFun FamilyFun FamilyFunmag…

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it’s national s’mores day!

FamilyFun Classic S’more Roll-Ups Place mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in a flour tortilla, wrap it burrito-style, cover it in aluminum foil, then roast it on the coals or in the oven until the filling is melted. Open the package carefully, and let the filling cool a bit before nibbling. book we love SWEET TREAT! It’s time to rethink those square Rice Krispies Treats! And the new book Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats by Jessica Siskin can help you transform them into everything from emojis to dinosaurs. This month, the publisher is giving away ten copies along with a complete Rice Krispies Treats kit packed with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, decorating supplies from Wilton, and Jet- Puffed mini marshmallows! Visit treatyourselfbook starting on August 8, 2017, at…

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sew cool for school

Desk Organizer Make sure your threaded needle can fit through the mesh. If not, use a smaller needle, and/or double the yarn to completely fill each hole. WHAT YOU’LL NEED • Primer and spray paint (optional) • Metal mesh desk organizer • Templates • Yarn • Tapestry needle • Tacky glue 1. Prime and spraypaint the organizer if desired. Let dry. 2. Print and cut out templates. Arrange in a pattern and mark points on mesh. 3. Cut a 45-inch strand of yarn and thread the needle. Starting at the back left side of the diamond, insert the needle through to the front, leaving a 4-inch tail. Weave in and out of the mesh to match the diamond shape. Double-knot the ends in back. Trim close to the knot, and use tacky glue to secure the ends. Repeat with other yarn…

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pop art

THE SPARK! Splats, dribbles, and drips of color are what abstract expressionism is all about. This style of art was founded in the United States in the 1940s as a way to convey emotions without relying on a specific subject or object. Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline painted with energy and seeming randomness to put their thoughts and emotions onto canvas. WHAT YOU’LL NEED • Drop cloth or old sheet • Blank canvas • Nontoxic craft paint • Plastic cups • 5-inch balloons • Turkey baster • Balloon pump • Painter’s tape • Bamboo skewer or plastic fork WHAT TO DO 1. Dress the kids in goggles and either old clothes or smocks, and head to an outdoor workspace. Lay down a drop cloth or old sheet; place the canvas in the center. Slightly thin the paint…

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eid for everyone

This year, Eid starts on September 1, although it moves each year since it follows the lunar calendar (just like Easter). You can greet friends on the holiday by saying “Eid Mubarak!” Find the printable templates at And show us what you make by tagging #howwefun on Instagram! Ram Headband You can also try this on a paper crown if you don’t have a headband handy. YOU’LL NEED • Ram template • Brown, white, and tan felt • Pipe cleaners • Hot glue • Gold glitter headbands 1. Print the templates. For each headband, cut out and trace 4 spirals onto brown felt. 2. Bend a pipe cleaner in the shape of a felt spiral. Place onto one spiral; glue another on top to sandwich it. Repeat to make a second horn. 3. Trace the larger ear template onto white felt…