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the editor’s letter

Bidding to dodge the annual ‘New Year, New You’ spiel for this letter, I thought I’d begin with a series of related questions: how often do you think about the ancient Babylonians? And did you consider consulting them while setting any New Year’s resolutions? You know, seeing as they invented them 4000 or so years ago. The original resolutions were conceived for the greater good of humanity. But somewhere along the way people started to gravitate to idealistic resolutions focusing on self-improvement like exercising more, eating healthier or sleeping longer. They were for the good of the individual, not the collective. This might seem a bit heavy for the sunny month of January but there’s an argument to be had that society has long since been stifled by egotism. The world has…

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ANNA POGOSSOVA SHOT OUR ‘EYE CANDY’ STORY, P126 What’s the secret to shooting Still Life? Patience and imagination. Any tips for budding photographers (even if Insta is our only outlet!)? Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t have all the expensive gear. Instagram, and even iPhones, are all valid in their own way and have some unique qualities. It’s really about you, your ideas, and your unique standpoint. What or who are some of your inspirations? Too many to mention but some notable ones are: Dutch Masters, sci-fi films, dazzle ships, Ron Nagle and Ken Price, Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama. Any resolutions for 2019? Get my license. Make more art. Lift from the knees. JILLIAN DAVISON GQ’S NEW CREATIVE DIRECTOR Having worked at Glamour in the US, how does the Australian mag industry compare? In the US, it’s very inflated so work can easily…

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gq directory eat. shop. play

Taste test Few things match the opulence of sitting down to a chef taking you on a culinary journey. So we took it upon ourselves to find the best tasting menus in Sydney. We scream for ice-cream No disrespect to the Paddle Pop, but it’s time to take your icy-cold treats to another level. We’ve listed Australia’s finest. You’re welcome. Rooftop vibes Welcome to summer, where nights never really end and everything is best enjoyed with a view. Australia’s best rooftop bars are where you should be heading this month, and we have a definitive list.…

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the columnist

Having recently moved jobs, I now have a lengthy commute to work. I assumed I’d find it a chore, but actually, I love it. The drive affords me an hour of me-time each day that I’ve never had before. I bookend my working day with podcasts. It started with the learn-by-osmosis chart-toppers like Stuff You Should Know, TED Radio Hour and How I Built This. But those were merely the gateway to my current fix, The Tim Ferriss Show. If you’re not familiar with Ferriss, he’s the author of self-improvement bestsellers such as The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. In each podcast, he interviews a high achiever to tease out what can be learned from their routines and applied to daily life. I keep a notebook at the ready. One of…

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not your average toy story

If it’s true that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, then perhaps a similar warning should be given about movies and their posters. Because save for a scar shaped like the number seven that runs across the right eye of a giant Steve Carell doll, the poster for Welcome to Marwen makes it look like a relatively lighthearted flick – the type the 56-year-old actor is best-known for. But despite the film’s big budget, playful marketing and wide-release, Welcome to Marwen is not director Robert Zemeckis’ crowd-pleasing Toy Story moment. “Anytime that you do a film that defies genre, it makes the marketing of it challenging,” explains Zemeckis, selecting his words thoughtfully. “But our intention is to let the world know this film isn’t like anything they’ve seen before.…

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when ben met henry

Ben Sherman and Henry Holland sound a bit like melons and milk. On one hand, you’ve got the British brand whose magnum opus is the gingham oxford shirt. On the other, there’s the provocative young designer who came to the fray selling T-shirts printed with slogans that poked fun at the fashion establishment, like, ‘Do me daily, Christopher Bailey.’ But as Ben Sherman creative director Mark Williams points out, we’re living in the collaboration era. And to cut through the cacophony of new announcements, it pays to embrace the unexpected. “It’s like cooking,” says Williams. “You take two contrasting elements, mix them and you get something entirely new.” It’s the perfect analogy for the pair’s capsule collection, which isn’t dominated by either brand but is an emulsifier of the two. For Holland, designing for…