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the editor’s letter

Never has the marriage of style and substance been more harmonious than in today’s sporting universe. In years gone by, only the David Beckhams of the world were shrewd enough to look the part on and off the field. But today, stars from all codes offer double the inspiration – both in the competitive and the fashion stakes. Arriving for a game on match day now serves as a weekly runway for players to express themselves. Take some of the major sporting events the past 12 months. 2018’s NBA finals: we might not immediately recall who won between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, but how can we forget LeBron James et al rocking those Thom Browne suit shorts? This year’s Superbowl: Tom Brady’s status as an all-time great of the…

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BART CELESTINO PHOTOGRAPHER What’s the most rewarding part of your job? We’re all blessed to be able to create pictures that people get to see in print. Doing that every day is special. How was Trè Samuels as a subject? He’s a superstar – we were all amazed when he went a cappella and just began singing on set. That boy has range and depth; his tone is very spiritual. What do you think of his new ’do? I prefer shorter hair on men. Are you a fan of his music? I’m a huge soul and rhythm and blues fan, so we have very similar tastes. I always take a moment to connect to the talent on another level, and with Trè it was very natural. What are some of the major changes in photography you've…

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gq online

The real festival season Now that the weather has mellowed in both hemispheres to a point where we can actually spend extended periods of time outside without risking extreme bodily harm, we may as well make the most of it. We’ll be heading to the very best in autumn festivals and reporting back on which ones are worth your time, from Coachella and SXSW to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, and everything in between. START YOUR ENGINES While Australia spends the next month looking to distract itself from the existential dread surrounding its cricket team, the F1 will be rolling into town. Check out everything you need to get ready for the 2019 season. BACK TO BASEL The future of the watch world’s biggest trade show may look bleak, but that doesn’t mean it…

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NEW YEAR, SAME BREAKFAST The acai bowl craze doesn’t look like abating any time soon, so we’ve made it our task to round up the best fruit-spiked bowls around our major cities. WEST SIDE STORY Often seen as embodying everything tacky about Tinseltown, West Hollywood is one of LA’s most underappreciated districts. So, we’re shining a new light on the spot with our very own 72-hour stopover guide. THE NEW LUXURY 5-star hotels are out: ultra-bougie, flex-worthy Airbnbs are in. These are Australia’s best homestay destinations where you should be spending your hard-earned annual leave days.…

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dan rookwood on when the classics turn cold

My wife’s right-on leftwing cousin is visiting and we’re scrolling Netflix after dinner, thumbing the endless carousel for something we all want to watch. Oh, the paradox of choice: life was simpler when we only had five channels. Eventually, I make an executive decision I’m confident will be a crowd pleaser: Coming To America. One of my favourite movies when I was a kid, with so many memorable lines. “The royal penis is clean, Your Highness!” Hahahaha, genius. The cousin has never seen it. “What!? It’s an absolute classic. Murphy at the height of his powers. An ’80s comedy that really stands the test of time.” My wife rolls her eyes. The cousin gives the “sure, I guess” shrug of indifferent approval. OK, get the fricking popcorn: you are in…

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back with a bang

His arrival at Celine was one of last season’s biggest revelations. We’re talking, of course, about Hedi Slimane: designer, enigma and skinny jean enthusiast, whose whereabouts kept us guessing since he departed Saint Laurent in 2016. His debut at Celine, then, ushered in a whole new era. He introduced menswear, made light work of that accent on the ‘e’ and hatched a collection of matchstick-skinny jeans, razor-sharp blazers and chic Men in Black style suits that were nothing if not quintessential Slimane. And now, pieces from Celine’s first menswear collection are here among them, accessories designed in collaboration with Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay, whose comic book-inspired typography is a real serotonin booster. This backpack, which appears to have been the victim of a very fashionable accident, is an example of the…