GQ Australia May / June 2019

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the editor’s letter

This month marks an interesting personal milestone. I realised I have now been alive without my father around for longer than I was with him. Aside from the odd pang of surprise nostalgia, I made my peace with his passing years ago. He remains a memory, made fonder by my son being born on his birthday. As I pondered this thought on deadline, politely chased by my team to file this letter, something struck me for the first time: I don’t know how this has shaped who I am – as a man, as a father, as an editor of this distinguished men’s lifestyle magazine. I know who I’ve become, how I’ve dealt with this loss, but I’ve never considered who I might have been, had I had a paternal influence…

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ANDREW T VOTTERO STYLIST What was Liam Hemsworth like to style? Liam was fantastic to work with. He’s super easy-going and looks great in clothes. He was also pretty fearless – I loved that he was cool with the pattern-mixing and colours I put forth; not everyone is that trusting. What are some of your favourite pieces from the shoot? I really loved the Louis Vuitton ‘Yellow Brick Road’ sweater that he’s wearing on the cover as well as the Off-White impressionist track shorts. You’re also Jeff Goldblum’s personal stylist. What’s the key to standing out? It’s always about confidence and being true to yourself. And having a tailor to make sure things fit. And the key to nailing red carpet style? Doing the red carpet is easier for men than for women. Just get…

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gq online

Met your match Think of it as the fashion world’s Super Bowl where celebrities, in accordance with each year’s theme, try desperately to out-dress each other. Check out the best and most adventurous men’s Met Gala style at FASHIONABLY FIT Following last issue’s feature on Australia’s 50 Greatest Living Athletes, we’ll be taking a microscope to the world of Aussie sports stars to find the most stylish. And no, we’re not talking Shane Warne’s frosted tips circa ’95. GENTLEMEN’S BALL GQ’s Gentlemen’s Ball is back on June 6 to celebrate the next generation of Aussie men who are making the world a better place. Read our interviews with key speakers for your biggest dose of #MondayMotivation yet. HEALTH CHECK To mark Men’s Health Week, we’ll be challenging and debating key issues in men’s health - including…

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NEGRONI WEEK The Italian aperitif is one hell of a drink, especially in the cooler parts of the year. So we’ve searched Australia-wide to find the best bars where you should be celebrating Negroni Week come June 24. SUSTAINABLE STYLE To help you better understand the efforts of eco fashion, we’re shining a light on the brands endeavouring to impact change in the industry, as well as the best places to shop for new sustainable garms. RAP SNACKS Biggie Smalls Kebabs, Big Poppa’s, The Carter (pictured) – Australia has no shortage of hip-hop themed restaurants. But are they a gimmick or do they have the menu to back it up? We head to the ‘burbs to find out.…

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dan rookwood on sport’s new frontier

The tipping point was July 10, 1999, The Rose Bowl, Los Angeles. When Brandi Chastain famously ripped off her shirt to bare her sports bra after scoring the penalty that won the World Cup for the host nation in front of 90,185 fans and a global TV audience of millions, it changed the game in the US. Soccer took off as a women’s sport. That moment – that unforgettably iconic image – inspired a generation. Twenty years on, there is a growing sense that the World Cup in France this June could truly light the torch for the game on a global scale. And the Matildas, currently ranked sixth (36 places higher than the Socceroos’ world ranking) and led by the inspirational Sam Kerr, have a genuine shot of winning it. Let’s…

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classic catch

I came across the book in high school, but I didn’t read it then. I was too busy skipping class,” says Christopher Abbott with a laugh. This comes as a surprise. Abbott’s played a good spread of characters in his time, but his portrayal of Charlie – the intelligent, loyal and handsome on-off boyfriend of Marnie Michaels in Lena Dunham’s Girls – was the kind of performance that made you believe Abbott and Charlie were the same person. Anyway, turns out Abbott was much more of a badass. The book Abbott is talking about here is Joseph Heller’s 1961 satire Catch-22 . Not that he knew it (or cared) at the time, but Abbott didn’t need to bother himself with the novel’s complex plot or narrative devices at school. Landing the…