GQ Australia January/February 2020

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editor’s letter

Positivity is underrated. So is being kind to one another. 2019 could well go down in history as one of the darkest (and perhaps also the silliest) years on record. So as we embark on a New Year – indeed, a new decade – it’s more important than ever to act as we wish to go forward. As well as embracing positive vibes for the future and being generous in spirit, we wanted to begin 2020 with a special issue dedicated to the sounds of summer. After all, there is no better time of year than the Aussie summer, and I don’t know about you but nothing raises the spirit or heals the soul better than music. I’m stoked to have Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on our cover this issue. Without…

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James Tolich PHOTOGRAPHER How was Dominic Fike to shoot? He was a total dream. He has a graceful presence in front of the camera; a true angel. He was engaged and connected with the creative concept which always makes for more powerful portraits. What’s your favourite shot? The one shot from above with him holding a flower. It reminds me of TV Hits magazine! Are you familiar with his music and story? I’m not. I just want to shoot people as people. I never research them and don’t really need to know what they do – this is how you capture someone’s essence and what I believe true portraiture is about. Is this the most flowers you’ve ever had on set? Hundred per cent. Hattie was amazing. I loved working with her. You seem to always be on the move…

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gq australia online

MENSWEAR MOMENT A new year means a new season on the men’s fashion calendar. And with AW20 looking to be a wild one, we’ve got our street-style photographers ready to capture all the can’tmiss fits, from just-dropped streetwear to superb tailoring – plus all the new digs from your favourite designers. AUSTRALIAN OPEN As we count down to the (often questionable) Australian Open style moves, we give you the low-down on one of this country’s biggest sporting events, match by match. SUMMER STYLE Now that it’s hot enough to break out your shorts, tees and printed shirts, it’s time to bolster your weekend wardrobe without breaking the bank. And, yes, we’re here to help. AWARD SEASON If it’s not enough to have the Golden Globes roll out the red carpet in the first week of 2020, the…

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dan rookwood decides it’s time to have ‘the snip’

How’s this for a stat? One in four men in Australia over 40 have had their torpedo decommissioned, aka The Snip, aka a vasectomy. That’s the second-highest vasectomy rate in the world, after New Zealand. But I never thought it’d be necessary for me to down tools. Y’see, my wife and I were told we probably couldn’t conceive in the usual way. Having tried for five years without success, we ended up having our twin girls via IVF. It therefore came as quite the surprise to discover that we were expecting number three, a little boy. I’ll admit my first reaction was a celebratory fist-pump that actually my cock and balls work just fine after all thankyouverymuch . But then the realisation set in: three kids. Three. Kids. Our doctor recommended…

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orville peck

Orville Peck is tired of being asked about the mask. He doesn’t say that, exactly – he’s far too gracious and nice – but his shift of tone gives the game away. We don’t blame him, either. From The New York Times to Gay Times to country music mag The Rodeo , Peck has been quizzed, endlessly, about the meaning of his famous disguise. “The only reason I don’t talk about it in depth is not because I want to dodge any questions, but because I want people to have their own take on it,” he says. “I don’t want to lay it out and pin it down. I just don’t think that’s important.” We leave it at that. It’s difficult to talk about the rise and rise of Orville Peck without…

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new year, new music

HOW I’M FEELING, LAUV Lauv – “like the word ‘loud’ but with a v at the end,” is the 25-year-old American artist behind fetching pop anthems like, ‘F***k I’m Lonely’ and ‘I’m So Tired’ (ft. Troye Sivan) – both of which appear on his debut studio album, How I’m Feeling. But this is no conventional record. A true son of the Internet, Lauv has been drip-releasing singles “as they’re ready,’’ the end result being a glittery synthesis of tracks with a certain radio-friendliness that belies the record’s existential themes. So 2020. Out March 6.* MANIC, HALSEY If you’ve been rooting for Halsey since she broke onto the scene with ‘Ghost’ in 2014, this record will probably make you want to fist pump and shout something embarrassing, like, Get it, girl! Because after lending…