GQ Australia March/April 2020

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editor’s letter

Just over 20 years ago, masculinity was in crisis. It was 1998, and after so many decades of carefree living, suddenly men’s place in society was under threat. The problem was political correctness and it was everywhere. Creeping into our TV shows and our office conversations and, yes, even our magazines. Now you had to be careful what you said and how you said it and how you treated others, even women. Imagine that. But this revelation should not come as much of a surprise, since you could have read about it right here, in the launch issue of GQ Australia. It was the subject of GQ’s very first editor’s letter. And soon after the edition hit newsstands, a new era of masculinity would be upon us. Metrosexuals would flood our…

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Britt McCamey STYLIST The shoot was in the desert – how much of a challenge was that? We shot in a really remote community two hours out of town so it was pretty intense. There was one point where our GPS stopped working and it was pitch black in the desert – we thought we were done for. What excites you the most about the styling process? I like the beginning. It’s how I imagine a surfer feels before a wave. Just wide open possibility. What’s the best thing about menswear at the moment? Billy Porter. You’re based in the Big Apple – where’s the best place to get a decent coffee? My brother says I officially have terrible taste in coffee now so I’m not sure I can weigh in here. I go to Bakeri in my PJs…

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gq australia online

AUTUMN STYLE The first month of autumn is here and it’s time you had more than one cashmere sweater in your arsenal. We’ll keep you informed of the seasonal trends with the best street style snaps from Tokyo Fashion Week 2020. Expect to see a return of high-waisted trousers, sophisticated layering, fun prints, strong collars and wild menswear moves from fashion’s leading designers. A MOVIE MOMENT Now that awards season is officially over, it’s time to usher in a new crop of movie talent. We’ll bring you the best trailers and films coming out this month, including the highly anticipated A Quiet Place Part II. AFL IS BACK As the season kicks off, expect unforgettable sporting moments and a breakout of athletic stars showcasing their sartorial style off the field, too. COMEDY CENTRAL If the vast array…

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queen & slim

In the opening scene of Queen & Slim , a couple are going through the familiar motions of a first Tinder date inside a dimly lit diner in Cleveland, Ohio. “What made you pick me?” asks Slim, a small-town man played with brilliant reserve by Daniel Kaluuya. “I liked your picture,” responds Jodie Turner-Smith’s character Queen, with a disinterested flick of her braids. “You had this sad look on your face. I felt sorry for you.” For some, the familiarity of Queen and Slim’s encounter will end here. But for many, the events that follow speak to a deep universal truth. After being interrogated by a cop, the situation escalates when Slim fires a gun in self-defence. Queen, a legal attorney, knows there will be no justice for two black people…

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mtv superstar

LUDACRIS FEAT. PHARRELL WILLIAMS, ‘MONEY MAKER’ (2006) The rappers took a chance on Matsoukas when they asked her to direct this cheeky clip. It paid off, leading to a number of other hip hop collabs. RIHANNA FEAT. CALVIN HARRIS, ‘WE FOUND LOVE’ (2011) Charting the highs and lows of an abusive relationship in just over four minutes, this video was perhaps the first indication that Matsoukas would go on to direct a narrative film. It was also her first Grammy win. BEYONCÉ, ‘FORMATION’ (2016) It might’ve earned her and Bey an accusation of inciting bad behaviour from the National Sherriff’s Association – and Grammy #2 – but more importantly, the clip’s strong political message changed the definition of music videos today.…

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miracle worker

I’m not a very regimented artist,” says Jennifer Lee, the Korean-American musician who goes by the moniker TOKiMONSTA (chosen after the Korean nursery rhyme ‘Santoki’, which translates to ‘mountain bunny’). But we beg to differ. After rising through the ranks of LA’s IDM (that’s intelligent dance music) scene as a teen, she was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called moyamoya. The double brain surgery she underwent as treatment left her barely able to communicate or process sound, but during recovery, Lee became determined that she would relearn her craft. One year later she released her third full-length album, Lune Rouge. It was nominated for a Grammy shortly after. This month, Lee will drop her second record since entering remission. Titled Oasis Nocturno (Spanish for ‘midnight oasis’), it’s a warm and…