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Guitarist Presents: Blues

Guitarist Presents: Blues Guitarist Presents: Blues Summer Special

A new quarterly from the makers of Guitarist, Total Guitar and Guitar Techniques. Every issue we’ll bring you the best new, established and classic artists, get up close with their gear, and show you how to play like them, too... 50th Anniversary Special: Jimi Hendrix and Blues '67, the History of Chess Records, Tweed Amp Buyer's Guide, BB King, The history of the ES-335 and more!

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Welcome to the summer edition of Guitarist Presents Acoustic. One of the highlights of the past few weeks was going up to the Royal Albert Hall to interview Joe Bonamassa, who is undoubtably the man responsible for keeping the blues genre fixed in the public’s gaze. But wait, we’re an acoustic magazine and so what were we doing hanging around backstage with the Les Paul-toting, high-decibel blues ambassador? Well, in January 2016, Joe played New York’s Carnegie Hall with a nine-piece acoustic ensemble, making his second brief visit to the world of the unplugged – and we wanted to hear all about it! Apart from our chat with Joe, there’s plenty in this issue for you to enjoy; there are some top players, wonderful music and fascinating insights into the instruments…

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past & present

FIRST PLAY TAKAMINE GN75CE-TBK £569 WHAT IS IT? NEX shape electro that’s part of the G-Series, with a feature-packed TK-40D TAKAMINE EF740FS-TT £1,699 WHAT IS IT? OM model with deep body, 12th-fret join and artificially aged Thermal Top Diversity is becoming a key issue in the electro-acoustic market. A competitive price-point isn’t always enough to stand out from the crowd and many players expect their electro to be more than just a stage-ready instrument, but one they can happily use at home and for recording, too. With years of experience behind it, Takamine has established itself as a trusted go-to electro manufacturer. And with the EF740FS-TT here, the company is showcasing an enthusiasm to innovate further with the Thermal Top. Thankfully, it’s not a woolly cover for your guitar but a process that amounts to artificial…

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holly macve

A long with Will Stratton, Bella Union’s other squeeze for 2017 is Galway-born Holly Macve, a singer making waves with Golden Eagle, a debut album with a strong distinctive voice, sound lyrics and apt guitar-picking. Expect to see this young lady’s face around a lot this year. We listened in at Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre. We are currently witnessing quite the surge in UK-made country and Americanastyle music, with bands like The Shires and Ward Thomas hitting heights and occupying airtime on both sides of the Atlantic. Holly Macve is slightly different; when her voice jumps out from the speaker, the last person you would expect to be singing is a 21-year-old from Galway and Yorkshire. The shimmering guitars and heartfelt vocals could easily be from America back in the 50s or…

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will stratton

During Will Stratton’s soundcheck at Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre and afterwards when we wander through the Old Market Assembly looking for a decent place to shoot photos, it is noticeable how laid back and easy he is in his demeanour, contrary to the meticulous craftsmanship evident on his records. “Yeah, I think that side of me certainly tends to come out more when I’m recording,” he smiles. “Whereas when I’m playing live, because the tunings I’m using are so limiting in terms of what I know how to play – each being like a little language – I spread out a bit more and try new things. I’m very self-conscious when recording because I’m aware that I’m trying to use two sides of my brain, what with the mic positioning, the…

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wille edwards

Playing around 200 shows per year keeps Wille And The Bandits busy. Guitarist Wille Edwards fronts the band with a choice selection of acoustic and custom-made Anderwood slide guitars. With a wide range of influences, the average Bandits gig takes the audience across a broad swathe of blues territory, with the guitar very much at the heart of the band’s sound. Purists might flinch at the thought of putting an acoustic through a distortion pedal in order to turn this usually meek and reserved instrument into a fire-breathing monster, but when you’re in the possession of the type of chops Mr Edwards unleashes every night, it’s as natural as mother’s milk. Wille stopped by our offices for a quick chat en route to yet another series of gigs across the…

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wish list

With perhaps not quite the mojo of the 1926 Gibson L-1 that Robert Johnson played, this L-00 is certainly from the same time period and harks back to the era of Delta Blues and the street musicians of the time. The L-00 was introduced in 1932 and sported mahogany back and sides, a bound top, rosewood bridge and 14 frets clear of the body. This particular model, leaving the factory five years later, has binding to both front and back, however. “It’s double bound, front and back,” Phil Carwardine from Vintage And Modern Guitars tells us. “They change throughout the years – that came in, I think, that year. And the dots change; the 15th [fret] dot appears and disappears…” Not as instantly recognisable as a Les Paul or SG, old…