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Handguns February/March 2019

Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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In Defense of the .32 I respect the opinion expressed in the “Misleading” letter in the December/January issue, but I must strongly disagree. A .32 ACP pistol is probably not the best choice for an everyday primary carry weapon for someone who is capable of carrying a 9mm or .45 ACP pistol. However, it may be the ideal choice for a lady’s purse or a man’s pants pocket on his way to the convenience store. It certainly beats the heck out of harsh words or fingernails! Regarding the statement that someone who is being beaten is not entitled to shoot the attacker in self-defense, many people are unable to defend themselves against an attacker who is younger, larger, stronger than they are CLETE DAVIS ELMHURST, IL I teach concealed-carry classes, and my daily pocket carry…

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handguns tv

DECEMBER 13th 2018 Jim and Scott talk about how to get the most out of your shooting-range experience, and on “This Or This,” they duke it out over the best size for a .45 ACP pistol. Rich demonstrates flashlight techniques every defensive handgunner should master. DECEMBER 20th 2018 SIG Academy’s Hana Bilodeau joins Rich and Jim to discuss the essential skills all handgunners should master. On “This Or This,” Scott and Jim take up the snubnose versus small pistol debate, and Scott runs his favorite revolver drill, the 5x5x5. DECEMBER 27th 2018 Jim and Rich share tips and techniques that can help you and others survive an active shooter scenario. Scott showcases a simple drill that trains essential skills, and he and Rich square off on whether red dots or iron sights are better for…

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colt’s best revolver

THE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY, ADopted by the military in 1873, is without doubt one of the most iconic firearms in U.S. history. It has a long list of admirers. The late, great Elmer Keith had a long association with the SAA, calling it Colt’s best revolver. He wrote about starting with the .32-20 WCF as a young man and, finding it terribly inadequate, moving on to the .45 Colt. Early in his career, Keith said if he had to rely on factory ammunition, he would choose the .45 Colt over any other cartridge. (Of course, he later developed the .44 Magnum and left the old .45 behind.) Production of the Colt SAA ceased in about 1940, but the gun did see some action in World War II and was carried at…

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box drill

THIS IS A SIMPLER, MORE COMPACT VERsion of the Box Drill, but it accomplishes the mission of teaching shooting on the move as well as one-handed shooting. Because it involves some complex techniques, I strongly recommend you do this with an experienced partner who can monitor your movements. GEAR Traffic cones or other markers, spare mag or speedloaders DRILL Place an IPSC/IDPA target five yards from the front edge of the box with five-yard spacing between the cones—firing three to five shots in each segment, depending on gun capacity. Begin at the front right corner, raise or draw the gun and move backward, firing with a two-hand hold. Go around the rear cone and switch to strong-hand-only, firing the same number of shots. At the left-rear cone, do a reload and…

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the intel report

ED BROWN PRODUCTS wants you to know how serious it is about its Performance magazines. So serious it is offering shooters the opportunity to trade in any 1911 magazine they own for any Ed Brown Performance stainless magazine for just $10 or a black-nitride mag for $15. Options include seven- and eight-round .45 (including an Officer’s seven round) and nine-rounders for 9mm, 10mm and .38 Super (and an eight-round 9mm Officer’s mag). Visit EDBROWN.COM/MAGEXCHANGE . DELAWARE handgunners are watching a back-and-forth battle as the state continues to try to prohibit people from carrying concealed in state parks—a battle begun when a court ruled that current regulations, in place for several decades, were unconstitutional. The state responded by writing emergency regs to prohibit guns other than hunting guns on these properties. Then,…

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the tiny pinfires

PINFIRES AND SOME OTHER HANDGUNS come in small sizes, typically measuring about an inch in length and weighing less than an ounce. One that is hard to beat is the 2mm pinfire. Some fire a projectile at a listed 1,000 fps, producing a single foot-pound of energy. The projectile size is about the same as a small shotgun pellet. While very anemic, it could injure someone if shot in the eye, so respect is needed. I saw a 2mm being fired at a soda can at one foot, and it dented it deeply but did not fully penetrate. Still, I for one would not want to get shot in the eye with it. A keychain was a common way of carrying them. That way they were inconspicuous and handy to get ahold…