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July 2021
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Haven is a brand new home and living magazine for a brand-new world. With many of us spending more time at home than ever, our homes are our safe haven from the challenges we face beyond our front doors. Step inside the pages and stay awhile. We celebrate everything that makes a house a home — inviting spaces, inspiring people, delicious food, and homes with heart.

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New Zealand
School Road Publishing Limited
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editor’s note

I grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Auckland. We had chickens, goats, sheep and horses. No one called it a lifestyle block back then – the term was “living in the wops”. In the early days, our land was covered in bush and gorse, and our relocated bungalow – the ex-library from Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom – sat on a sunny hilltop, front and centre on a field of clay. Decades on, the house has seen several incarnations. Tall trees now form a privacy break from the road. The timber joinery has variously been stained dark or coated in whitewash, depending on what was the fashion. Flocked Victoriana wallpaper and rimu wood panelling each had a moment, as did apricot walls and padded peach furniture. There…

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Bonny Beattie, photographer and stylist You photograph interior spaces and work as a stylist. How would you describe your own decorating style? Modern classic with a scattering of heritage references. For this issue, you photographed the Masterweave studio (page 32). What did you enjoy about this shoot? I have their mohair scarves in about seven colours, and two of their throws – the scarves are so soft and warm, yet they retain their shape, so you can style them in a sculptural way, which I love. What four words describe what your haven means to you? Welcoming, inspiring, cosy, well-functioning. Fiona Tomlinson, photographer You’ve recently made the move from Hawke’s Bay to Wanaka. What do you love about the South Island? The South Island is beautiful but Wanaka is really special. I love the landscape,…

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my haven

Where in Napier do you live? We currently live on Hospital Hill with a view over the suburb of Ahuriri and the ocean. It really is the perfect spot. Why did you move from Christchurch to Napier? Since my husband Alex and I met, we’ve always talked about moving to the North Island as we really love the warmer climate and lifestyle here. On our honeymoon we did a road trip around different towns and cities and Napier felt the most like us. We’ve settled in really quickly and are so glad we made the move. Who do you live with? It’s just me, Alex and Stanley the cat. Tell us about your new house. Our apartment is on the first floor of a large family home but it used to be an…

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Forever fresh For those who wish a beautiful bouquet would last forever, Madam Rat creates and preserves floral arrangements to turn them into happiness that keeps on giving. It’s far from your nana’s potpourri – owner Cindy Chen uses a mixture of dried and preserved florals to add life to her creations. At her Ponsonby Road studio, you’ll also find kitchen and tableware from Studio M by celebrated Japanese ceramist Marumitsu Poterie. Find Madam Rat on Instagram and Facebook, @madam.rat.floral Hair beware Here at Haven, we love our pets but we don’t always appreciate the mess they leave around the house. The V15 Detect is Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner yet, and is designed with our furry housemates in mind, with a laser that detects microscopic particles and an innovative new tool…

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mari colbert, yoga & meditation teacher

• When you arrive in your hotel room, land in the present moment by consciously standing still or sitting down to take in your surroundings. Notice five things that you can see, hear and feel. • If you’ve had a busy day running from one place to the next, your body and mind will be on high alert. Help find balance with a simple breath and movement practice in your hotel room. Lift your shoulders right up by your ears as you take a long breath in. Then slowly move and relax your shoulders back down as you breathe a slow and smooth breath out. Repeat. • Already a yogi or meditator? Dedicate an area within your hotel room for your daily practice: a chair with good back support for meditation; and/or…

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current crush… hotel st moritz, queenstown

For more than two decades, Hotel St Moritz has been an institution of style and comfort in Queenstown. Overlooking Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables mountain range, its classical aesthetic is inspired by the mountainous lake region it nestles both smartly and snugly within. “Now that the hotel is about to enter its 23rd year, its timeless alpine design intention is really coming to the fore,” says general manager Jo Finnigan. “Original pre-opening brochures for the hotel talk about the design utilising natural materials, including local stone and timber, giving it an upmarket lodge-style appearance and feel. Those materials weren’t commonplace in the 1990s.” Jo says that while the hotel has seen numerous enhancements over the years, there’s always a sense of the familiar. “With every renovation, we’ve taken care to preserve the…