Haven March 2021

Haven is a brand new home and living magazine for a brand-new world. With many of us spending more time at home than ever, our homes are our safe haven from the challenges we face beyond our front doors. Step inside the pages and stay awhile. We celebrate everything that makes a house a home — inviting spaces, inspiring people, delicious food, and homes with heart.

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editor’s note

Little, petite, bijou, pint-sized. When the final touches were made to our cover, these were just a few of the adjectives that were bandied about. “Good things come in small packages” was suggested, then left on the cutting-room floor. Given the interesting mix of apartments and townhouses we feature in this month’s issue, trying to avoid clichés seemed the least we could do to reflect the unique and varied ways that homeowners are choosing to live in small spaces. Take our cover story on page 46. Talented film costume breakdown artists Jono Lousich and Jimmy Rogers transformed a bland, featureless two-bedroom apartment into a style statement of scale and sophistication. How did they do it? By diverting their powertools from epic sagas to a domestic setting – and watching a whole…

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Reuben Looi Photographer As a photographer who shoots interiors and creative people’s homes, what is your advice for creating a space you feel inspired to work in? I am always inspired by light and shadows, so having a nice, clean, creative space with lots of natural light definitely helps. You photographed Olivia Hammond’s houseboat for this issue. What do you love about her lifestyle, and could you imagine living on the water? I love how simple and minimal her lifestyle is in the houseboat. It really shows that you don’t need a lot in a house to have a nice, safe haven. Personally, I can’t picture myself living on the water because I get motion sickness quite easily, but if that wasn’t an issue, then absolutely! What four words describe what your haven means…

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Dreamy designs Get creative with a custom-made bedhead, valance, lampshade or cushion from new company Wink. Interior designer Lisa Sinke was inspired by boutique hotels for her locally made range, which uses sustainable materials and eliminates glue and foam, so you can sleep easier. winkdesign.co.nz BLOWN AWAY Accessories brand Yu Mei has ventured into glassware in a collaboration with Luke Jacomb and Kate Mitchell of Lukeke Design. The Knust collection is inspired by 1970s Danish style and includes this vase ($1200) with a carafe and tumbler to come. shop.yumeibrand.com Pillow talk Ecosa’s ergonomic memory-foam pillows come with two space-saving compression bags – one for rolling and one for flat vacuum packing, so you can take (or store) your pillow anywhere. $180 each. ecosa.co.nz MADE TO LAST Reduce plastic waste with these refillable dishwash and soap dispensers from Ecostore. Each bottle…

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petite plots

Only grow plants that you adore When you’re gardening within a small space, lavishing attention on the finer design details is even more important than when you have a rolling quarter-acre. Think of it as an opportunity to curate a collection of plants that you truly love, and try to keep things simple. That may mean a cool and calming green-and-white colour scheme or a potted display of culinary herbs in concrete pots. Using repetition in your design, such as the same kind of pot, will give your space a cohesive feel. Play with perspective Just because your outdoor area is small, it doesn’t mean all your plants need to be pint-sized. The addition of large trees or shrubs creates a jungly vibe and can actually make your space feel larger. They can…

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tasks for march

PLANT BULBS In six months it will be spring, which means now is the time to start planting spring bulbs. They require a cold winter chill to trigger them into flowering. You have between now and May to plant crocuses, daffodils, bluebells, ranunculus, anemones and tulips (but wait until May to plant tulips in warm northern areas). As a general rule, plant bulbs at twice the depth of the height of the bulb. Got a small space? Spring bulbs grow brilliantly in pots. Pack them in tightly, so they’re not quite touching, for a glorious display. Bulbs rot if they’re succumbed to boggy, wet soils, so you barely need to water them – added bonus! WATCH GRASS GROW If you dream of a lush lawn to run over barefoot, autumn is the time…

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bunch up

Hand-tie a bouquet for a best bud Make a spiral • This technique allows you to insert or remove flowers easily.• Adjust the heights of the stems to alter the shape of the bunch from ball-shaped to loose and natural.• Add foliage stems first to create structure, then add your flowers.…