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danny dyer …for making history lessons cool

With the kids back at (home) school, parents need all the help they can get. So, this week, we thank Danny Dyer for getting involved to teach history, alongside Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker. The actor – who not long ago discovered he is a direct descendant of King Edward III – has recorded six 20-minute lessons for little ones, which will be available on BBC Bitesize. We can’t wait to hear his take on that geezer Henry VIII. Let’s hope he manages to keep it clean.…

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meghan & harry’s week from hell

Their royal resignation at the beginning of the year suggested that they wanted a more private and low-key life, while their actions since then – including moving to Hollywood and Meghan’s recent work for Disney – have caused some to question whether they really do crave a quiet life. But, whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want fame, fortune or none of the above, it’s safe to say that they don’t want the kind of exposure they had to deal with last week. It started badly and only got worse – with Prince Harry infuriating millions by seemingly downplaying the severity of coronavirus in the UK, before he and Meghan announced they would no longer be working with a massive chunk of the British media. But it was the intimate…

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the star exchange

SAFE BET CHARITABLE HEARTS Celebs such as Lily James, Love Island’s Paige and Finn, and Claudia Winkleman have been showing their love for Comic Relief in this “Love Wins” T-shirt designed by illustrator Charlie Mackesy. Every purchase will go towards charities helping out in the current crisis. BUY! BUY! BUY! DANCING SHOES Strictly Come Dancingare reportedly offering to double the fees of participating celebs to encourage stars to sign up. Bookers have apparently already started making offers, so we’ll await an email. GOOD PERFORMANCE DOGGY DINNERS He once convinced Jen-An to marry him, so Justin Theroux knows how to turn on the charm. And the actor proved he’s still got the goods last week, serving up an epic “date night” dinner for his “dainty lady” – aka beloved dog Kuma. STOCK FALLING SEPARATE UNDERWEAR DRAWERS Lockdown has really helped Olivia Attwood…

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‘it won’t be long before ant marries anne-marie’

‘Lisa knew that this day was going to come’ Over two years since they split, Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong’s marriage officially ended last week after a decree absolute (the final part of a divorce) was granted. The news means that Ant is now free to marry his girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett, and start planning for their life together in their new London home with Anne-Marie’s two daughters – something Lisa has reportedly been dreading ever since they first got together. “It’s been an extremely difficult road with a lot of heartache and unpleasantness, but it’s finally done. It’s over,” a source said. “Ant’s been desperate to start the next chapter of his life and at least now he and Anne-Marie can plan for the future. It won’t be long before they are…

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‘greedy’ posh blasted: ‘use your own money’

Victoria Beckham had a birthday week full of highs and lows. After celebrating her 46th with her family, the designer faced a tidal wave of criticism when it was revealed last week that she had taken a tax-payer funded government loan and furloughed 30 staff members from her Victoria Beckham fashion brand on 80 per cent of their salary. The news did not go down well with fans and public figures alike, and now an insider close to Victoria – who has said she will top up the remaining 20 per cent of her staff’s wages, and also forgo her own salary – tells us she’s “upset” and feels like she had been made “the biggest scapegoat” in all this. “Victoria thinks it’s really unfair how the situation has been portrayed,”…

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charlotte’s big zoom birthday party

Every little princess wants their own pony, so we’d expect nothing less from actualPrincess Charlotte, who’s apparently been asking for a four-hoofed friend for her upcoming birthday. According to royal insiders, the soon-to-be five year old has a big day in store this week, with Prince William and Kate Middleton planning an extra-special celebration for their daughter. So far, they’ve got video calls, party food, and plenty of games in the works, while brothers George, six, and Louis, two, have been busy making cards. Not too shabby, if you ask us. “They may not be able to have Charlotte’s friends and cousins over to celebrate, but Kate and Wills are still planning a mini-party at home,” says a royal insider close to the fab five, who are self-isolating at their Norfolk…