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Last week, Lizzo reminded us exactly why we worship at her throne with a calm and collected takedown of all her body shamers. In a video that included clips of her working out and strutting her stuff, Lizzo said, “It may come as a surprise to some of y’all, but I’m not working out to have your ideal body type. I’m working out to have my ideal body type, and do you know what type that is? None of your f**king business, because I am beautiful, I am strong, I do my job, and I stay on my job.” She ended the video by encouraging them to “do a f**king cleanse on the inside”. And to that, we say amen. Every issue, we award a star this prestigious honour for services to…

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billie ‘we can’t go on like this’

Judging by Billie Faiers and husband Greg Shepherd’s Instagram accounts, they really do appear to have the perfect lives. After a fairy-tale wedding in the Maldives last year, the couple went all out posting snaps of themselves living it up on holiday, throwing glamorous parties for their friends, and having fun family time with their two children, five-year-old Nelly and three-year-old Arthur. They also bought a huge house to renovate and turn into their dream home. But, like a lot of couples, they are struggling with lockdown and the added pressures that it puts on them – and their life isn’t as rosy as it appears. Fans of The Mummy Diaries know that they have a fiery relationship at times – the couple are regularly seen bickering and rowing before making…

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sam: ‘i’m getting fit for big paul’

She’s seriously upped her fitness game over the past few months, crediting her weekly workouts with an online personal trainer for “keeping me motivated and sane” during lockdown. And looking at Samantha Faiers’ Instagram account, the results are paying off, as The Mummy Diaries star is looking healthy, happy and more energised than ever. According to insiders, her amped-up fitness kick is two-fold – one, it keeps her feeling positive, and two, it’s proving to be a big hit with partner Paul Knightley, who’s also had a massive shape-up of his own. “Sam wants to look her best for Paul,” says an insider close to the 29 year old, who’s mum to Paul, four, and two-year-old Rosie. “She was in the best shape ever when she and Paul met, but she…

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the star exchange

CASHING IN SAFE BET STORMING IT Mega props to Stormzy, who has put his money where his mouth is and pledged to donate £10m over the next ten years to charities and organisations tackling racial inequality and black empowerment. Amazing work. BUY! BUY! BUY! STRONG GENES We can’t believe how much Jack Fincham’s baby daughter Blossom looks like him. Wonder if she’ll also inherit his megawatt (cosmetically whitened) smile? GOOD PERFORMANCE BUDGETING She’s not exactly broke, but Beyoncé’s about to be rolling in serious riches, as she’s very close to signing an £80m deal with Disney for three major film projects. Happily Ever After, indeed. STOCK RISING BABY BOOMS Iggy Azalea has delighted and confused fans in equal measure after announcing, “I have a son… I kept waiting for the right time to say something” – but failing to mention when exactly…

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posh: ‘i feel completely snubbed’

It can sometimes be difficult not to take things personally – and no one knows this better than Victoria Beckham. After all, it was only two months ago that the fashion designer was busy planning some kind of reality show that would follow her, David and the kids baking, crafting and playing together in their family home. What’s not to like about that for Brand Beckham? Apparently a lot, because according to insiders, David has now gone off the idea. But last week, things got very awkward indeed after it was reported that the former footballer was instead eyeing up deals to front his own cookery show, and was even hooking up with close friend Gordon Ramsay to pitch a new series to Netflix. Needless to say, Victoria’s feeling rather miffed…

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coleen: ‘i won’t let becky get away with this’

‘Coleen is willing to do whatever it takes’ The WAG war between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy was the most shocking showbiz story of last year, leading to an explosion of headlines and memes, thanks to Coleen’s WAGatha Christie moment. And the feud – and subsequent legal battle – shows no signs of abating, with Coleen looking like she could now be in line to endure an embarrassing and costly loss. Last week, it was reported that Coleen had sacked the legal team she had hired to represent her, following her allegations last year that “Rebekah Vardy’s account” had been leaking stories to the press from Coleen’s private Instagram account – allegations Becky strongly denies. It’s claimed that Coleen has not admitted to “a crucial detail of her efforts to catch Becky…