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new betrayal for meghan

Family fallouts, in-law angst and public criticism: it’s safe to say that Meghan Markle’s had it all. But over the past nine years, she’s had a secret weapon up her sleeve, giving her support, guidance and a serious leg-up with her starry connections along the way: her very best friend Jessica Mulroney. From the moment Meghan moved from Los Angeles to Toronto in 2011 to film Suits, TV presenter and stylist Jessica took her under her wing, and they never looked back – forming a bond so close that people used to call them twins. And as Meghan transcended from TV actress to the Duchess of Sussex, Jessica was there to offer loyalty, discretion and even played a massive role in organising her and Prince Harry’s royal wedding. But last week,…

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when liza dissed harry

Time was when everyone wanted to be friends with Harry and Meghan – remember their wedding guest list? But there’s one celeb who’s not interested – in fact, Liza Minnelli was so outraged at the very idea of it, she issued a furious denial. Last week, the screen icon, who used to be friendly with Harry’s mum Princess Diana, lashed out at claims that she’d been helping Harry find his feet in Hollywood, stressing, “While I wish them well, I have never met Prince Harry and Meghan. Any statement to the contrary is a complete fabrication.” Ouch. Coming from the woman who made Martine McCutcheon one of her 17 bridesmaids, that’s got to hurt.…

2 мин.
the star exchange

CASHING IN SAFE BET CHARITABLE ACTS Three cheers for Rihanna, who’s partnered up with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to pledge £15m towards mental health services. It couldn’t be more vital right now, amid so much social unrest and coronavirus anxiety. Take a Bow, Ri-Ri. STOCK RISING ONLINE LOVE Please stop what you’re doing and go follow Daisy May Cooper: she’s been engaged in an Insta-flirtation with a “sea captain” named Jon, who initially messaged her asking for money [yep, he’s one of thoseinternet pen pals] and she replied with all the LOLs. BUY! BUY! BUY! NOSTALGIA Can you believe that, 14 years after they met in the Big Brother house, Grace Adams-Short and Mikey Dalton are happily married with three kids? For more BB nostalgia, check out heatworld’s All-Star Big Brother Quiz on YouTube or IGTV, featuring Pete Bennett,…

3 мин.
posh: ‘i miss my old life’

If you think life has been easy for celebrities in recent months, take a moment to pity poor Victoria Beckham. The busy fashion designer has been dealing with a house full of home-schooled kids while she desperately works to keep her international business empire afloat from her kitchen table. Last week, VB spoke about her isolation struggles in a rare interview, where she also opened up about fears for the future of her work and revealed body insecurities dating back to her Spice Girls days. “Harper’s taken over my office,” said the 46-year-old mum to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and eight-year-old Harper. “She’s trying to do all her schoolwork and, well, she’s kind of decided that’s her space now. So, I’m downstairs… we’re all dotted around the house – me , David…

3 мин.
pregnant kate: ‘we’d love a little girl’

After confessing that she and husband Rio were struggling to have “private time” together and that a baby was not yet on the cards, Kate Ferdinand surprised fans last week when she announced she was expecting the couple’s first child together. In a sweet video posted on both her and Rio’s Instagram accounts, the pair sat at the table with Rio’s three children – Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and nine-year-old Tia – to tell them their happy news, before the kids start screaming with happiness and jumping up and down. Kate captioned the video, “The crazy house is about to get a little bit crazier... every time I watch this it makes me cry, the best reaction. Baby Ferdy we are all so excited to meet you”, while Rio wrote, “We…

3 мин.
cheryl: ‘bear needs his dad’

‘Cheryl’s excited about having a decent sleep’ She’s been on round-the-clock mum duty for over three months now, self-isolating in her Buckinghamshire home with her and Liam Payne’s three-year-old son Bear. But Cheryl’s about to get a much-needed break because, with the world slowly getting back to normal, she’s calling in some serious daddy daycare. According to our insider, the singer is desperate for Bear to spend some time with Liam – who’s spoken about how much he’s missed his son during lockdown – and she’s even planning to let her ex look after him for a whole weekend, something we’re told she’s been reluctant to do in the past. Obviously, her priority is making sure that Bear has quality time with his dad – but if she manages to bag a…